Troopers On Alert For Speeding In Highway Construction Zone

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MILFORD -- Before you gas up and hit the road for the holiday weekend, state police have a warning.

They'll be looking for speeders, especially along Interstate 84 in Pike County. Police will be adding extra patrols along I-84 looking for those drivers pushing the speed limit this Memorial Day weekend.

They especially plan to crack down in a construction zone that's already had several crashes within the last month.

Going above the speed limit along Interstate 84 near Milford this Memorial day weekend will earn you a traffic stop with state police.

Student Ashley Turner was on her way home to visit family at about 70 miles an hour.

"I got pulled over for speeding. Honestly, I was going with the traffic and didn't really even take note of the sign," Turner said.

State police Sergent Brian Vennie says troopers are adding extra enforcement along this stretch of I-84 near Milford because, "they completely ripped the highway out. that's where the old highway was, it's completely gone."

PennDOT is working on a massive construction project, replacing Interstate 84 in Pike County, putting traffic into tight single lanes and contributing to crashes involving jack-knifed tractor trailers, and multiple car crashes, all in this construction zone.

Police say drivers must slow down.

"To save a life, this crash we had back on May 2, it was a pretty serious collision that involved some pretty serious injuries," said Sgt Vennie.

"If you see flashing lights pull up behind you while you're driving and there's nowhere safe to stop, troopers say it's OK to wait to pull over, just let them know that you see them.

"Slow down a little bit, maybe put your four-way flashers on, let the officer behind you know that you acknowledged his presence, and then drive safely to a good location to stop," said Sgt. Vennie.

That's what Turner and Justin Kascadden did after seeing the lights while they were driving through a single lane construction zone.

"He pulled up behind us and told us to go down the off-ramp so we were safe."

Speeding tickets can be costly, averaging about $125 dollars.

Turner says she's definitely slowing down now, more aware.

"Yeah, absolutely, I don't want to get pulled over again."

Troopers will be doing around-the-clock patrols in the construction zone in Pike County

They also are reminding drivers that it's "click it or ticket" time, so remember to buckle before you hit the road, or that could cost you as well.

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