Teen Arrested In Taxi Homicide Case

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SCRANTON -- Police have someone in custody in connection with a deadly shooting of a taxi driver Friday morning.

A teenager is being questioned about a homicide in the early morning death of a cab driver in south Scranton.

His body was found in the vehicle Friday morning and soon after the neighborhood was filled with police.

Just after noon, undercover police cars swarmed an apartment on Scranton's west side. Hours of investigation had zeroed in on 1009 Washburn Street. It became the second crime scene of the day for Scranton police.

Nathaniel Pagan was getting his car serviced right next door.

"They took somebody out without cuffs but they put him in the car," Pagan said.

Scranton police detectives took that person around a wooded area nearby then to Scranton Police headquarters for questioning.

A dog searched the area afterward looking for evidence that could lead police back to the first crime scene: Crown Avenue in south Scranton in front of the entrance to Valley View Terrace apartments where a McCarthy Flowered Cab driver was found dead just before 5:00 a.m. Friday. The taxi was still running.

Investigators say the driver, Vincent Darbenzio, 47, of Scranton suffered two gunshot wounds to his head. His boss says Darbenzio had only been on the job for five weeks.

"At the very least, that's someone's son who's senselessly no longer with us," said Misty Losavich.

The shooting rattled neighbors at Valley View Terrace apartments, especially one woman who didn't want to appear on camera.

"My brother is a cab driver," she said. "Just a couple weeks also, and he's maybe 100 pounds soaking wet so what would he do to defend himself?"

Neighbor Raymond Burks was surprised Darbenzio and other cab drivers, don't have defenses in place. Burks is from Los Angeles where cab drivers are protected by bulletproof glass.

"I mean, like, there's a bulletproof partition and there's a slot where you can slide the money through and he gives you your change. It's not like here where it's all open air and stuff."



  • harsh times

    He has a prett mouth…. if he aint talking it will get other uses when he is in PRISON !!!!

  • State the Obvious

    If he was white I bet they would say he was mentally disturbed. But Bc he’s black they gonna say he a thug. Let not get into Scranton sex offenders registry. And what type of people are found there. Or who’s actually abusing babies. Lets just keep it innocent until proven guilty. Thank you

  • VioletWest

    Well, that settles that. By the reflection of these posts, there is an enormous amount of racists in Scranton. A crime committed is not an open door to unleash ignorant prejudices. Everyone in this matter is an individual, and whoever is found guilty is guilty only because of the decision he or she made with his/her own free will. Enough of the outright hate speech. You can put your torch and pitchfork down.

    To the friends and family of the victim, please accept my condolences, my thoughts, and my prayers. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  • SRV

    That’s a line of horsesh*t if ever head it. No white guys blew anybody away ever around here right? How about guys shooting their wives, neighbors, family members, each other; boy you don’t read much do you on here?

    • SRV

      *if ever I heard it*…and you don’t call African-Americans “colored,” my husbands niece got wrote up at work for that. Black or African-American. What are you from the stone-age?

  • SRV

    What about that guy sharing the headlines today? Wasn’t he a LOCAL WHITE MALE? Hiding that he killed his wife for the last 2 years. POS that he is? Or those two swine that killed and burned that young girl names Ashley? What color are they? Some people around here are SO smart NOT

  • SRV

    Great job Scranton Police. You guys and gals sure have your work cut out for you lately! Hope the judges been making it worth your efforts and keep skuzz-buckets like this locked up.

  • SRV

    What a stupid comment. No, he doesn’t have NYC written all over him. Most NY-ers don’t look like Rostefarians. How do I know? Becase I moved from there less than 10 years ago. However, I wouldn’t give him a ride, or anyone that looked straight out of the movie Deliverance either for that matter. Oh, and by the way, I am lilly-white. All the creepers in my town are lilly-white too as a matter of fact.

  • Vaka

    First and foremost, we dont if he did it. Secondly, just because he’s black doesn’t mean he’s a drug dealer or gang banger. With that said i do give spd credit for making an initial arrest,however let’s be sure that he’s guilty before we start talking about what should happen to him.

  • bob hallock

    We should not all rush to judgment. Just as we react to a thug type, it might be a set up for us all too look racist. Just a thought from outside the box. We as public have no access to inside information. Be patient, persistent and scrutinize “Central Park Five”

    • Save The Squirrels

      Yeah, okay Bob. The Scranton PD made an elaborate setup…just so we’d all “look racist”. That’s why they did it. I agree with “innocent until proven guilty”, but let’s not pretend that proportionately, a certain group of folks doesn’t have an atrocious crime record. Also, I’m not saying “they’re ALL like that”…for anyone who likes to read things that aren’t there.

  • Mike O'Hara

    What’s his name, Jamal Shaqwan Jemima al-Jareez Flowers? Oh, we’re picking on him. We’re not being fair or understanding.

    • SRV

      It’s no worse IF the pigs kill with their meth, and lately what we hear about is drunk-driver-killers and heroin OD’s. This guy out and out robbed and murdered a working man. Open those eyes wide shut.

  • Bobbi

    You have to be nutz to want to drive a cab or work at a Convenience store… Not unless bullet proof glass is standard!! South Scranton used to be bad then they all moved to West side. I won’t even go to the Walmart there!!! Go to the one in Pittston. Go after the out of state landlords that keep renting to these animals…

    • Melissa

      Yes I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s exactly what happened to my parents neighborhood..all the homes around them are owned by someone who lives out of state then they turn it into a section 8 house.

  • Edward Chomko Sr.

    As a West Sider, I am apalled with this Man, looking like a freak with his hair in dreadlocks and acting so cool. I am embarrase that this “BLOOD” Jr. member is even living in West Side. West Siders take care of its own problems in a very timely fashion. I implore everyone to demand the authorities to put this person through the juris system as an adult, and not as a minor. This is what the gang members count on. Let’s take back our neighborhood, city and country from these deviates, who think that they are immune to justice. Justice for this confessed cold blooded (wanna be) tough guy, should be the death penalty and no appeals. He confessed in his assumed residence. HE SHOULD BE IN THE FIRES OF HADES BEFORE THIS YEAR ENDS.

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      I’m just curious…Where did you see that he confessed to the shooting? I agree that he should be strung up if he’s the guy who did it.

      • JP

        When they ask him “why did you do this” and he replies “because he didnt want to listen and got himself shot” or “why did you shoot him twice” he replies “because thats what I do to people who dont want to listen”.. If thats not an admission of guilt then what is Dr ?

      • harsh times

        WEll he took them over to the woods…..what do u thinck it was to show them where he peed…..no ….where the gun was ,idiot

  • Rebecca

    I wonder if he’s associated with the loser they just picked up in Williamsport for shooting a cabbie?

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he saw the news report from Williamsport and thought it was a good idea.

  • Fatboy

    Eye for an eye !! The family should be allowed to shoot this guy in the back of the head !!!!!

    • Amy Nicole Denton

      Give credit to Scranton PD they got right on it and less then 12 hours later they got somebody. Won’t bring the poor guy back but at least somebody might end up getting some juice.

    • Save The Squirrels

      Jennifer, did you ever wonder what kind of person would down vote a comment like yours? Very strange…you didn’t even say anything wrong.

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