Part-Time Cop Accused Of Assaulting Handcuffed Suspect

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CARBONDALE — A part-time Carbondale police officer is accused of assaulting a man who was in handcuffs.

Authorities say Officer Paul Thiel hit a man several times with his baton, and choked him while in custody.

It happened last month at the Carbondale police station.

The incident was caught on a camera in a holding cell.

Police tell us the video shows the victim was not a threat.


  • nikki

    This cop allowed a ex boyfriend walk out of my house with thousands of dollars worth the electronics, I had proof they were mine he said again” YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE HIM TO COURT” you deserve everything that comes your way.

  • Philomena Cranberry

    Thiel is a sissy with short-man syndrome. He probably picks on children too. I hope and pray that the victim gets justice.

  • A.s.

    This doesn’t surprise me. He harassed everyone and got away with everything. He shouldn’t get away with anything anymore. He should rot n jail. Scum

  • fred lance

    i happen to know Paul for the last 40 or so years and can say with all my heart he is a good cop man and friend I dont and wont believe anything i read or hear in the in the news. What I can say is there is two sides to every story . good luck paul

  • What's wrong Lackawanna

    I wish some person out there would seek true justice. This guy knows too many people. And has used his connections against many. And now simple assault? If that was anyone else the list of charges would take hours to ramble off. Who’s gonna step up and see to it this guy doesn’t get off with these petty charges? Who prosecuted him? Why such petty charges? The people have a right to know. And it would be nice if there was someone asking why such light charges. Enough is enough already.

  • Rich Nixon

    Ohh this is a good article for the scumbags/drug addicts in the area to comment on how corrupt cops and politicians are in this area and how they’re all “victims” of this corruption. Writing comments on WNEP will straighten this area up. Keep up the good work.

  • kate

    Ha he deserves to rot in hell , funny thing is this man has knew me for years and set me up ! And thhen when pulled me over harassed me about other people in our neighbor hood and he told me that if I gave him what he wanted I would be okay and I wouldn’t get a dui … scuz ball

    • Charly Lucky

      Kate, can you tell us what he wanted you to tell him, or do for him? Thank you. People should know.

  • Charly Lucky

    OH BOY, how much is this law suit going to cost the city!!!! Hang onto your hats !!!! Maybe the EX-MAYOR Joey V. can pony up some of the FORGIVEN REAL ESTATE TAX MONEY THAT THE CITY AND COUNTY LET HIM SLIDE ON??? Anyone know the exact amount, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 thousand? How much? Anyone?

  • Fatboy

    The cop should be handcuffed and they should let the guy beat him . Real tuff guy Thiel !!!!

  • Patrick martin

    Nothing new about the corruption of the town and abuse the people in office. This is not news to us who live here it is a way of life. The police get away with a lot and has to answer to no one.

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