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Memorial Day Camping

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LUZERNE COUNTY-- It was a bit of a soggy start for the holiday weekend at Frances Slocum State Park in Luzerne County, but the forecast for the weekend is looking good.

Folks have packed campgrounds like Frances Slocum State Park.

"Looking forward to it, we're hoping the pool is going to be open. We brought our swimsuits and everything so should be a good family weekend," said John Stephenson of Wilkes-Barre.

For many, camping on Memorial Day weekend is a tradition.

"We started two years ago today with the first one, my daughter Elizabeth and the dog and my husband and we got hooked and we've been doing it ever since," said Jill Brooks of Bucks County who is camping in tents along with her husband and now three children.

It was a long and cold winter and the warmer weather in the future has many happy to get back outdoors and enjoy camping and cooking out.

"It's nice to be camping when we don't have to use the zero degree bags, yeah," laughed Kevin Brooks of Bucks County.

" Now if the summer would be as long as the winter, that would be good," laughed Barry Shaver of Noxen who was camping with his wife and grandchildren.

"We love it. We absolutely love it," added Jill Brooks.