Main Street Bridge Reopens In Old Forge

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OLD FORGE -- Traffic is now flowing on a new bridge in Lackawanna County. It replaces a crumbling bridge across the Lackawanna River in Old Forge.

Some drivers showed up for the ribbon cutting on Friday, thrilled to see a detour is done, the road is reopened.

After a year and a half of work, crews put on the finishing touches on the bridge that carries South Main Street over the Lackawanna River in Old Forge.

Ann Monacelli had to get a close look at it. She lives right at the base of the bridge.

"Thank God for this day, it's been hectic."

While this bridge was finished, she says the detour around it caused a lot of confusion.

"Oh boy, tractor trailers turning around in the middle of the street because they didn't see the signs down at Duryea," Monacelli said. "Beautiful, I can't wait to drive over it."

The new span replaces a crumbling old bridge with several spots where you could see right through the holes.

"It looks a million times better. The old bridge looked like it was going to fall down at any time," said Hazem Gad.

Hazem Gad works at Old Forge Animal Hospital just up from the bridge. This place is happy to see the detour end, too.

"I can't wait for the traffic flowing through easily; especially it's easier for the clients to get here. It will be easier for everybody."

Of course, this $3.7 million bridge couldn't open without a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

There is still a reminder of how the old bridge used to look, a railroad bridge nearby.

"Nice, could use a couple lights, but nice job, it looks good. I hope it holds up for a hundred years," said Tom Sharek of Moosic.

And just she like told us, Ann Monacelli couldn't wait to drive across it and she did it minutes after it opened.

"We desperately needed a new bridge, so thank God today."

The bridge that was replaced was actually labeled as one of the worst in the state by PennDOT.


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    I can’t even imagine why someone would down vote that comment. A guy asks a question and that makes somebody mad? What is wrong with some folks?

  • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

    Does the old woman at the ribbon cutting have some significance? I remember, years ago, when the new Falls Bridge was opened, they let an old woman be the first to cross. If I remember correctly, she was one of the first people to travel over the old bridge, at the turn of the 20th century…so they gave her another go on the new one.

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