High Beef Prices Cut Beef Ribs Off The Menu At Kundla’s

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HAMLIN -- A popular barbecue business in Wayne County is saying no to higher beef prices.

Kundla's Open Pit BarBQ in Hamlin is not serving beef ribs this season because the owner says the prices are outrageous.

The smells of smoking meat are all there in Hamlin but there's something missing off the menu this season at Kundla's open Bar B Q pit in Wayne County: beef ribs.

Ed Kundla, the owner of 31 years, says it's no mistake.

"They doubled my price, they doubled my wholesale price on the fresh rib, and I just refuse to pay that."

Kundla says his wholesale price for beef ribs went from a $1.25 to $2.50 per pound.

"Double, wow, I would do the same thing he did. I would take it off the menu, even in my own home .I probably would eat a lot less beef," said Brenda Landherr of Lake Ariel.

Landherr says she stops by Kundla's every Friday before the crowds hit and doesn't mind the boycott on beef ribs. She's enjoying the pork instead, Kundla's best seller.

"To tell you the truth, I've never had them here. I've always gone with the pork ribs."

Kundla's wholesaler did offer to sell him frozen beef ribs at the normal price, but he says nothing but fresh meat will hit these grills in Hamlin.

"We don't use frozen. They won't marinate the same way that the fresh ones do, and I'm not going to cut my quality because they want to raise the price of beef up."

That's something most of Kundla's customers seem to agree with.

"No, no no, that wouldn't be the same would it?"

John Bogosti visits often during the summer. He says he doesn't feel shorted with beef ribs off the menu.

"No, I think he's trying to look out for the patrons. He's been doing this for a long time and I think he's going to wait to see."

Kundla promises to buy the beef ribs again once the price is back in last year's ballpark.



  • Greg M

    It’s getting to be like oil prices, they brag that we now produce fifty percent of our oil, yet the price gouging goes goes on, what about the savings from not paying opec, not shipping it here from around the world. No they keep those savings and still want more money. Food prices the same, they can import meat from Brazil for a big savings but they want an excuse the double the cost. Boycott beef, this owner has it right.

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