Friends Remember Taxi Driver

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SCRANTON -- It was a quiet and somber day along Willow Street on Scranton's South Side.

Vincent Darbenzio, 47, lived in a duplex right next to his father.

Darbenzio was killed just a mile and a half from his home Friday morning.

Friends of the victim say they are devastated over the news.

"I knew him all my life, since up here on Cedar Avenue where they lived. He was a nice kid and he would do anything for anybody. He worked hard," Paul Lepka said.

Darbenzio died while on the job.

He was a taxi driver for McCarthy Flowered Cab in Scranton.

"He was only with us for four or five weeks and a terrific guy from what everybody says. He hustler, real hard worker," President and CEO Brian McCarthy said.

Paul Lepka said Darbenzio took a lot of pride in his new job, but adds a family member of Darbenzio's family was worried about him becoming a taxi driver.

"He was telling him not to take the job because it is dangerous because you always hear about cab drivers getting robbed," Lepka said.

Just last week, a taxi driver in Williamsport was also shot while on the job. He survived and drove himself to the hospital.

In Scranton family and friends say it's a shame that people are turning to this kind of violence...violence that shouldn't be tolerated.

"I think it's bad and I hope that the family gets justice for him," Leptak said.


  • SRV

    So sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace, and may you find some peace knowing he is in a better place..

    • deborahrmorgan

      Srv…thats bs…..he was in the perfect place before… and breathing. He was part of a community…..this community…..he grew up here…..peopke knew him …he had famiky… it!

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