Danville Cleans Up After Hail Storm

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DANVILLE -- Lots of people in the Danville area have their cars in the body shop one day after baseball-size hail pounded vehicles. Workers at Arrow Auto Glass in Bloomsburg have been working around the clock replacing broken windshields with new ones.

"Oh, jeez. I started getting calls, bombarded on the phones yesterday just after the storm," said Josh Levine.

Arrow's Shop is a few miles from Danville where baseball sized hail damaged hundreds of cars in a storm this week.

“I'm not worried about prices. Just get it fixed," said Don Hendricks

Don Hendricks' car was here at Hawkin's Collision Shop in Danville when the storm passed over the business. Damaged cars are being towed to the shop and are starting to pile up in their lot.

"We're actually going to double our force. (We’re) probably going to end up working seven days a week for a while," said Josh Hawkins, general manager.

However, the storm wasn't a business booster for Fairfield Chrysler Jeep Dealership. Hundreds of cars in their lot were damaged by the hail.

"There's a lot of uncertainty right now. We're not 100 percent sure what the insurance is going to value these cars or how it's going to be," said Dave Henrichs, Fairfield Motors.

Dawn Bitterly is also looking for insurance help. Her home was hit by the storm.

"It just looks like it was hit in a war zone. The damage is so extensive," said Dawn Bitterly from Danville.

Bitterly was so worried about her house she didn't take notice of her car outside. Now it has dents and scratches all over it. She says it's going to need to be repaired.
One neighbor says, people are starting to come door to door to help with those repairs.

"I hope that people are careful not to just give their money to anybody."

Montour county's District Attorney also warns of home improvement fraud. People can either contact this number 1-888-520-6680 or visit www.attorneygeneral.gov to find out if a contractor is appropriately registered.

Homeowners who believe they may have been a victim of fraud in Montour County are asked to call the district attorney’s office at 570-271-3070.

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