Customer Pistol-Whipped In Violent Robbery

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — Police are investigating a violent armed robbery in Luzerne County Friday morning.

Authorities said two men entered Tobacco Junction on West End Road in Hanover Township around 9:30 a.m. They threatened the clerk with gun and demanded cash and cigarettes.

Police believe the robbers were regular customers of the store and knew the store’s layout.

“They told me to get behind the counter, don’t move and the one guy flew behind the counter, had the gun, went and told me to fill the bag with cigarettes.”

It was a violent start to the day for the manager at Tobacco Junction on West End Road in Hanover Township.

This is where police say a violent armed robbery happened just after the store opened around 9:30 a.m. Friday.

The manager did not want to be identified but told Newswatch 16, “one of my customers came in, and they put him to the ground.”

That customer was Don Jayne. He says he walked into the situation and tried to stop the men.

“The guy behind the counter pulled a gun on me and I thought I better stop fighting real quick before I get shot, so I left that guy go, and he took me back to the back, and then he hit me over the head with his gun because he was mad because I was fighting with him,” Jayne recalled.

With Jayne on the floor at gunpoint and the manager filling up a bag full of cigarettes, the robbers took off down Phillips Street with thousands of dollars’ worth of cigarettes, cigars, and cash.

Hanover Township police are now reviewing surveillance video.

The customer who was pistol-whipped wasn’t hurt and joked afterward saying he’ll probably be in the store shopping next week.

“It was tense, but what are you going to do? Just behave so you don’t get shot. That’s all.”

The store manager says she doesn’t know if she’ll recover. She says what happened was her biggest fear.

“The gun scared me especially because I have kids. I told him. He goes ‘don’t worry; I’m not going to shoot you.’ I said ‘please don’t shoot me. I have kids. Please don’t.’ He said ‘I’m not going to shoot you. Just fill the bag.'”

Police release a photo from a security camera.




  • Me

    To The guy that stood up like a big hero , if you were such a hero, why didn’t you just take his gun. You decided to just stop fighting. This guy probably had a big wet stain on the front of his pants. He didn’t stand up to two gun toting black men. Who are you kidding?? Then he makes jokes afterwards. I bet he had something to do with it. Big joke huh ???

    • Christine

      Where did anyone say that he was a hero? He was a victim! He walked in on an in progress armed robbery. As soon as he walked in, one man came up behind him. It is a natural reaction to defend yourself when someone attacks you, isn’t it? It was at that moment that the 2nd guy put the gun to him. 2 against 1 and one is armed. Hmmm. As far as him laughing, I wouldn’t have called it laughing. But would you rather he crawl in a hole and be afraid the rest of his life? He said it wasn’t anything against him, it was a robbery. Wrong place, wrong time. They weren’t looking to cause him harm, they wanted the money and the cigarettes. I can only hope that if something similar happens to me that I can just let it “roll off” me like that and not live my life in fear. My DAD didn’t have a wet spot on his pants and guess what, HE DIDN’T SAY HIS NAME WAS “ME” either!

  • Sickofit

    If they knew that everywhere they intended to intimidate or rob was most likely to get them shot (if everyone owned a gun) they might find something else to do with their life other than get freebies from the people that work for what they own. Tired of people that think they are entitled to act this way. I don’t care what kind of past someone has.
    Eye for an eye would be great too! They come here because the consequence is nothing but a reunion with their thug buddies for a little while in jail. Want to steal? Get your hand cut off etc. also if someone has already (and admitted) killed someone then the next day they should be gone! Population control should start at the prisons! I could keep ranting away but I better stop now. I can see why people go and live in the wilderness (away from civilization) and just shut out the rest of the world!

  • sickofit

    It should be a REQUIREMENT (I know its dreamy) that everyone should own a gun and learn to use it. There would be less of this stuff for sure! I can’t remember which country or place it was but everyone owned one and the crime was LOW! Common sense!The people that believe gun restrictions mean something to a criminal are nuts because criminals don’t care or follow laws! Get with it already

    • Aunt June

      “Don’t take justice into your own hands. Take them to court, The People’s Court.”

      • Sickofit

        People need to not allow them to take over , your right! Public humiliation or hangings again might make some wise up

    • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

      I believe it is Switzerland who issues all citizens military rifles (and training) to keep in the home.

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