Workers Help Company Bounce Back from Fire

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BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP -- A celebration was held today near Berwick to thank workers for all their hard work, not only with their jobs, but also all the work they've done to make sure their company stayed in business after a fire.

Workers at Consolidated Container Company near Berwick worried a lot about their future when the place burned back in September.

But not only were their jobs safe. They never missed a paycheck, helped with cleanup and repairs, and were producing plastic products again not long after the fire.

Dawn Lewis has worked for Consolidated Container Company for 35 years, her mother retired here after decades of work.

Now Lewis showed her mom the repaired and upgraded factory after fire severely damaged the factory in September.

Lewis will never forget that night when a blast was followed by a destructive fire. How uncertain the future was then for the business that makes plastic containers.

But eight months later the company is giving tours to show how it bounced back quickly and kept all its employees at work through a rough time.

And so the company decided to hold a party to thank all the workers for pitching in and recognize the firefighters too.

But the more than 100 workers are the most grateful no one was laid off and no one missed a paycheck, despite the fire.

Consolidated Container Company is hiring now that the place is back at full capacity as current employees enjoy their work life getting back to normal.