Shooting Victim’s Family Wants Justice

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Investigators in Williamsport have been looking for the person who shot and seriously injured a taxi driver one week ago. On Thursday investigators said found the person they were searching for.

Police say they found Dante Washington in his home on Franklin Street in Williamsport, and have been holding him for several days on other charges. Police filed charges against him on Thursday. They believe Washington robbed and then shot a cab driver last week for no reason.

Dante Washington was cuffed as he walked into his arraignment. Police say a week ago, Washington was out on parole for drug possession when he robbed and shot his cab driver, Eugene Phillips near Elmira Street in Williamsport. Now, they're charging Eugene's suspected shooter for attempted homicide.

Police say Phillips picked up Washington in his cab on Campbell Street at a home police raided last week. Phillips drove him to Hawthorne Avenue and down an alley. That's where police say Washington took out a gun and demanded money. Phillips handed over the money but according to police Washington still shot him anyway.

“We want everyone to keep praying for Gene, that's all we care about, Gene my brother." said Dawn Phillips, the victim’s sister.

Eugene's family was at the court house when Washington was taken away in cuffs.

“I just want him to pay for what he did. Gene's a great man." said Kelly Scampone, the victim’s stepdaughter.

Phillips was shot once but drove himself to a nearby hospital, where he spoke with police. He even helped identify Washington as the shooter. Police say Phillips has serious injuries and has undergone several surgeries, but his family says he's getting better.

“He can talk. It's scratchy but he can talk. So, he's making improvements." said Scampone.

Again, police have filed several charges against Washington including attempted criminal homicide and robbery. His bail was set at 750 thousand dollars. He is currently in prison.


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