Police Find Suspected Meth-Making Materials in Car

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SUNBURY — Police said they found suspected meth-making materials inside a car parked outside the Northumberland County Human Services building in Sunbury on Wednesday.

Two people, who had a child with them, were taken into custody. No charges have been filed at this time as police await the results of testing on the materials found.


  • Arleen

    Maybe people who are concerned about gay people getting married should be more concerned about this mess. I would MUCH rather my daughters tell me they are in love with another woman than to tell me they need to go to jail with their husband for making meth with their child in the car.

    • SRV

      Oh like gay couples don’t commit crimes? Yeah right. Doesn’t matter gay, straight, or AC/DC, some people just make bad choices for their partner(s) which has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Where I am from there were and still are plenty of gay losers.

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