Poconos Prep for Holiday Weekend

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HAWLEY -- The sun is finally shining on Lake Wallenpaupack, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

Business owners along the lake said it's been a tough few months and a brutal winter.

"Longest winter ever, I think. The lake was frozen 22 inches," said Chris Toth, the yard manager at Lighthouse Harbor Marina.

The ice on Lake Wallenpaupack usually melts in March, but this year`s winter was so bad it didn't melt until April. Needless to say, many people are just excited to hit the outdoors on Memorial Day.

"Just be out in the sun, get some vitamin D, as my mother would say," said Dana Dahl, who is visiting the Poconos from New Hampshire.

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer.

Dahl is thrilled to finally kick off summer.

"I think it was march before our Christmas reindeer and ice came off our front yard, so we`re looking forward to summer," said Dahl.

Dalh isn't alone in her thinking. According to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, about 25 million people visit the area each year.

"We`re a short distance from the major metropolitan areas, as well as our locals to be able to go out and get to the restaurants," said Keith Williams from the Lake Wallenpapack Visitors Center.

As for the locals, the yard manager at the Lighthouse Harbor Marina in Greentown said business is finally picking up.

"Service-wise, it`s busy now. We`re selling a lot of batteries since the cold ruins a lot of batteries," said Toth.

The marina holds 300 boats all winter and half of those be in the water by memorial day.

Toth said, "We need a good weekend to kind of jump start everything, ya know?"

The Poconos Visitors Bureau's summer events kick off this weekend.

For a full list of events, you can head to poconomountains.com or wallenpaupackwatershed.org.