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“No” Change in Lackawanna’s Government

SCRANTON — It was a yes or no question, but it wasn’t that simple. The final answer would affect all the citizens of Lackawanna County.

The referendum brought forward by a government study and a group of people called “Fix Lackawanna” sought to change the way Lackawanna County is run. The referendum did not pass though with a resounding “no” Gaining 57% of the vote.

“I thought it was going to be closer but I wasn’t surprised,” said Andrew Dalbo of Throop.

Dalbo put a lot of thought into his yes or no vote on the government change referendum.

“It’s an important question, I have no idea why people wouldn’t come out. I don’t know why, it’s important,” said Dalbo.

Not many of Dalbo’s fellow Lackawanna County citizens cast a ballot.  Only 31% of registered voters, meaning about 100,000 people did not vote on the referendum.

Stephanie Dearborn was one of those who stayed home. She said she read up on the referendum but is disillusioned with politics in general and thought a change in government wouldn’t change much.

“I didn’t vote because I think a lot of politicians say they’re going to do something for the community or families or veterans, and they have these big plans that they plan on doing for the community and many of them just don’t follow through with it, so it’s more disappointing,” said Stephanie Dearborn, of Scranton.

Other voters were more disappointed by the turnout, John Staniszewski wasn’t surprised by the result, but was surprised by how few people voted.

“I belong to the south side senior center and everybody I talk to, they were all against it. A lot of those people they check up on stuff like that,” said John Staniszewski, of Scranton.

The winning “no” vote means that Lackawanna County will stick with its three commissioner form of government. The referendum suggested switching the government to a County executive and council form.


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