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Memorial Day/Summer Grilling Tips

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Chef John shared his tips from the business near Wilkes-Barre that’s gearing up for plenty of grilling soon as part of the casino’s summer launch of “Party On The Patio.”

· Before Grilling any proteins (steaks, chicken, fish, pork etc…) remove product from the refrigerator and let sit out for approx 10 minutes to take the initial deep chill off of it.

· Always make sure before you start to grill anything that your grill grates are clean. This will prevent sticking of food product as well as burnt flavor penetrating your food product.

· When using lean cuts of meats on your grill you can brush your grill grates down evenly with a little bit of oil to prevent sticking

· Using Hardwood Logs, Chunks, Briquettes or chips to impart smoky flavors to food. Applewood invokes sweetness, Mesquite Invokes tang or hickory for a bacon like taste

· When marinating food products for grilling it is best to drain excessive marinade off of food products before placing on grill. This will keep food products from flaring up on the grill and creating a burnt carbon like flavor onto your food you are grilling

· When using wooden skewers for grilling items it is always best to pre soak them in water for at least one hour to prevent them from burning on the end

· Store charcoal briquettes in a cool, dry area of the basement or garage. When charcoal absorbs moisture, it can be hard to light

· Don’t pierce your meat with a fork or prongs. The juices will escape, making the meat drier and less flavorful. Use a spatula or tongs to move and flip your food.

· To reduce the amount of browning or blackening of meat, only apply barbecue or other tomato-based sauces containing sugars during the last 10 or so minutes of grilling.

Courtesy: Chef John Koza at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs