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School Closure Debate

STROUDSBURG — Tempers flared and insults flew at a school board meeting in the Poconos Wednesday night.

Emotions among parents and board members in the Stroudsburg Area School District boiled over as the board discussed closing two elementary schools.

The superintendent said Ramsey Elementary is set to close June 15th of this year and Clearview Elementary is set to close June 15th of next year. However, he said the board could re-visit the issue of Clearview Elementary between now and that time.

The meeting for the Stroudsburg Area School Board got downright nasty with insults and below the belt comments being flung at one other and at the audience in the high school cafeteria.

School officials said closing the schools would save the district up to $650,000 and help consolidate classrooms that lost enrollment.

Parents came out to plead their case, but once the board voted to close Ramsey, the meeting started to spiral, eventually ending up in a screaming match.

However, when the board voted to delay the closing of Clearview by one school year for further investigation, most of the audience stormed out in outrage.

“‘What they’re doing now is a mockery of democracy. They are of the majority and they’re taking hold of everything we do not stand for as taxpayers, as parents, ” said parent Erica McCade.


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