Same-Sex Couples Set to Marry in PA

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MILFORD -- Governor Corbett announced Wednesday that he will not appeal the federal judge's ruling that struck down Pennsylvania's same-sex marriage ban.

That means same-sex couples across the Commonwealth can apply for marriage licenses.

A total of 4 same-sex couples filled out applications for marriage licences at the Pike County Courthouse.

That's four more than ever before and it has a lot of people who've been waiting for this day extremely happy and looking forward to saying "I do."

To some people, a marriage license might be just a piece of paper. But to Cary Giacalone and Kris Jarmann, together 14 years, it means they can legally marry at home in Pennsylvania.

"I was like a little kid yesterday running around when I found out we can do it in the state we consider our home," said Giacalone.

The couple from the Milford area was only the second to come by the Pike County Courthouse the first day they legally could marry in the Commonwealth. A federal judge's historic ruling means the two don't have to marry in New York next month like they planned.

"It was more moving than it was when we went to New York. It's more exciting," said Jarmann. "This for some reason just seems completely different, very special."

As of last year, Pike County had the highest concentration of same-sex couples in the entire state. Now that same-sex marriage is legal in PA, supporters said it's not only good for those couples, it's good for businesses that cater to people getting married.

"The really exciting thing for us is for the hotel and for Milford, because we know we've been losing business to other states, to New York because people who couldn't get married here," said Sean Strub, owner of Hotel Fauchere.

Strub and his partner were the first same-sex couple to get a marriage license in Pike County.

For the couple, and the business that can now book same-sex weddings, it's an exciting time.

"Mostly jubilation and relief and that it's finally here and we can catch up with a lot of the rest of the world."

Already, the Hotel Fauchere has a same-sex couple who planned to get married in New York making plans to bring the wedding to Milford, PA.


  • say what?

    unless you’re planning on becoming gay how does whether or not a gay can marry affect you? As long as it brings money into this broke commonwealth let them get married who really cares?

  • really?

    Unless, any of plan to become gay and marry how does the new change affect you? Why not let gays know the joy of divorce and attorney fees? Get over yourself.

  • Kither

    1 Peter 5:14 “Greet each other with a kiss of love.” or 1 Samuel 20:41 “David… bowed down before Jonathan… Then they kissed each other.”

    Figure which one of these situations suck more, a gay couple together 35yrs and now getting married. Or my sister who had a 30grand catholic wedding only to divorce 6 months later. Ya the heterosexual marriage hurt me. My friends? They bring me joy and laughter. Stop judging because it is not up to you.

    • jim

      what greed? give me a break. Gov. Corbet has a spine and you don’t like it. Too bad. Are you one of the takers in our society that think you are owed by those that actually get up everyday and work? Isn’t the free govt. cell phone, EIC tax credit ( you pay no income tax and get money back each year), AccessCard, WIC, section 18 housing enough? or do you want the govt. to pay for your video games too?

      • Antonio C

        Jim, I see where your coming from HOWEVER Jim, there are those that work hard, and have low paying Jobs and kids to raise, they get access, food stamps and EIC, but they also work 35 hours a week or more just as hard as anyone, so they deserve help, as they wear the workers garment, so please don’t assume ALL WIC, EIC Food stamp, people are free loaders, cause they are not, and that is the honest truth ! Their pay rate is bad, so then need a little help

  • jim

    Nice agenda, WNEP. 3 top stories about this? wow. Parent company ABC must be putting the pressure on. How about an interview of those that this offends? Can’t do that…that would take a spine.

    • Joe Schmoe

      3 top stories and one they deleted totally already because of the comment wars! They try their hardest to force feed acceptance, that’s for sure.

    • ryry

      WNEP is not a sister company of ABC. They simply pay ABC to air ABC programing. That’s why its not called ABC 16. Its just WNEP.

    • Happy2bAlive

      No one is forcing any one into a gay marriage. So I am not sure where you are coming from with the idea that its somehow being crammed down your throat. What does it matter what two consenting adults want to do with their lives? Its not your life! Why not live and let live? No one is asking you to agree with it either. If anyone has been force fed its been those who do not share your beliefs.

  • James Bletz Jr

    hearing the ones on talkback against gay marriage.. one saying DONT ALLOW OR COME TO OUR CHURCH.. well buddy.. we have that right just as much as you do.. and the bible says alot of things that are sins… and i can bet you all sin… Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve.. haha… So i am sure if one of your kids , friends , or other family memeber comes out , being gay… guess you will dis- own them right? You have the right to marry and SO do we… My partner (husband) and I have been together for over 16 years… been there for each other over several family members passing including both my parents… Just built a Brand New house together last summer…. NOW how many straight people out there that got married , got divorced? thats a sin as well getting a divorce.. and how many would stay together as long as we have been married or not? NOT TO MANY….

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