Kidnapper Faces Prison Time

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A man from Lycoming County learned his sentence for kidnapping his girlfriend in 2012.

Aaron Morrison was sentenced Monday morning at the Lycoming County courthouse. His family, as well as the victim, were at the sentencing and shared their sides of the story.

Aaron Morrison from Williamsport is headed to prison. He was sentenced to between three and a half and seven years for kidnapping his girlfriend in 2012.

"In court I find this defendant one who does not admit fault in any manner or in any way," said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Nicole Ippolito.

Ippolito says Morrison was possessive. Morrison called the victim non-stop the day he kidnapped her.

"He had been threatening her with text messages. He told her not to be late for work because she would receive a surprise," said Ippolito.

Morrison was waiting for his girlfriend in the parking lot where she worked. He threw her in the back of his car and drove her to Muncy and down a dead-end road where he threatened her with a knife.

"He parked the car and got out of the vehicle and pulled the knife on himself," said Ippolito.

For a few moments, the victim was inside the car by herself. That's when she grabbed for her phone and dialed 911 in a plea for help.

"Her voice was haunting. I can't imagine the fear she was living in that moment, because it was a horrifying 911 call," said Ippolito.

The victim was at the sentencing and was visibly emotional.

"She will probably forever be a victim of this incident she has been emotionally traumatized," said Ippolito.

Morrison's family believes the entire story was thrown way out proportion.

“It was so surprising to find out that this happened. I don't believe that he would have done anything to himself or her," said Ryan Morrison.

Morrison has been in prison for two years waiting his sentencing. His family believes that was enough time for him to serve. Aaron Morrison will get credit for time served.