Business Reopens After Fire

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DANVILLE -- A consignment shop in Danville is back up and running in a new location.

Less than one month ago, Abigail's Attic and a popular restaurant were destroyed by fire on Easter Sunday.

Employees at Abigail's Attic sorted and hung up clothing at its new location on Mill Street.

It was less than a month ago on Easter Sunday when fire destroyed B.J.'s Steak and Rib House. Abigail's Attic was right next door and had a lot of smoke and water damage.

"It devastated more than 75 percent of our clothing inventory. That's not something you can clean," said manager April Leese.

Abigail's Attic is run by the auxiliary at Geisinger Medical Center. After the fire, Geisinger and members of the community held a clothing drive to replenish the shop.

Abigail's Attic took everything it could salvage after the fire and moved across the street to its new location and reopened less than one month later.

"It seems a little brighter as far as the color walls and the carpeting. We've had a lot of positive feedback," Leese said.

Customers seem to like the store's new location in a former photography shop.

Becky Fatz of Elysburg says she comes to Abigail's Attic once a week.

"It's very exciting that they're open now. I hope that peopleā€¦ they're used to going across the street, so I hope they put up a sign that they would come back here," Fatz said.

Fatz says she was disappointed when the store was closed.

"In the springtime is usually when they change over and have all these new clothes. I think that was really disappointing and horrendous about the fire."

Abigail's Attic is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at its new location on Mill Street in Danville.