Athletic Fields Damaged

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LEWIS TOWNSHIP -- Warrior Run School Superintendent John Kurelja says he is sick and tired of vandalism at the district's athletic fields near Turbotville.

The latest incident happened over the weekend.

"They went on our varsity field hockey field and our varsity soccer field and our practice soccer field. Just doing donuts and goofing around, causing lots of damage unfortunately," Kurelja said.

Kurelja says it will cost several thousand dollars to reseed the fields and it will take a lot of time.

"The person that did this did it at the worst time. They did it when the ground was wet so they could spin their tires as much as possible," Kurelja said.

"It's just senseless," Jen Allen said.

Allen coaches the girls soccer team at Warrior Run High School. She says the team is disheartened by the damage.

"They went down to check out the damage and were really upset by it that somebody came and drove all over our fields," Allen said.

The superintendent says the school district even had to relocate a field hockey game because the condition of the field is just too bad to play on.

"There's concession stand money that's not generated then. The kids take a lot of pride in our facilities and want to play their games at home," Kurelja said.

Kurelja says similar incidents happened twice earlier in the school year. The Warrior Run School District may now install security cameras and a locked fence by the fields, which is money he says the district does not have.

"The downside to that is that limits access for the community because someone decided to do something really stupid," Kurelja said.

If you have any information about who is responsible for the damage at the athletic fields, call state police.