Riverside Vikings 4 x 100 Meter Relay Team

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Seniors Darrell Cintron and Nico Munley run the corners while sophomore Mikkell Green and Joe Austin take to the straightaways. It's the school record holding 4 x 100 relay team at Riverside. And their 43.32 second time is the fastest ever.

"When I handed that off it was very clean and crisp. I saw us breaking the lead and we just took off and we had the record broken once I handed off I felt like we had it," said Darrell Cintron.

"It was real fun actually after I saw Mikkell and Darrell's hand-off. I was like OK now Nico's then it was just time to break this record. I looked up on the time and like oh! We can get it," said Joe Austin.

Talk about consistency the Riverside 4 x 100 relay record keeps dropping. This is the 6th year in a row a new team has set a new time.

"I said it a couple of weeks ago it's somewhat ironic with the 4 x 100 relay team with the history that we have the last few years we usually struggle in the beginning of the year with our hand-offs can't get anything down. We had a mess up at Spagna. They came back at districts we corrected it and they ran great," said Evan Prall-Riverside head coach.

Green's role on this team is the hardest. On the backstretch you deal with the wind and gaining ground.

"Oh! It's hard. It's definitely hard-harder than last year. Most of the time your running into a head wind? Yes. Most of the time. We haven't got good weather so far. I got the baton all I just heard was run-run-run. I just wanted to run like I had to close the gap on 2 guys ahead of me," said Mikkell Green.

"What's the key now for Friday obviously to get thru there and then to get into one of those lanes for the finals on Saturday? Just to make sure we get the hand-offs down. You know we're a bunch of fast kids and we're confident. It comes down to just the hand-offs you know if we can get it then maybe we can make a couple tweaks in final race to see if we can pull-off a gold medal but we confident going in just hoping for the best," said Nico Munley.