Proposal To Change County Government Voted Down

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SCRANTON -- Lackawanna County's form of government will remain the same.

On the ballot, voters in the county were asked if they'd like to see a change in the way the county is run. The unofficial poll results show the voters want the three county commissioner form to stay.

Despite having their efforts fail, the party at the Radisson Lackawanna Station in Scranton for Fix Lackawanna was still spirited.

Fix Lackawanna is a group pushing to change the way Lackawanna County is run.

The group said they felt they got their got their message across exposing problems with the current form of government.

"We raised significant issues, public issues that needed to be raised. We exposed many things that were infirmities and faults in the system. We need checks and balances, some of those things we brought to the public consciousness. I think that the future government, even the three commissioner form, will be put on notice. Those things need to be dealt with," said Chuck Volpe of Fix Lackawanna. "Almost 17,000 people did vote yes versus the 21,000 and change that voted no."

Lackawanna County commissioners said the effort at the polls shows that the people of the county are happy with the way government is working.

"I think they know that they have a good government and they wanted to keep it in place and that's what it was all about. It's always been efficient. It's always been effective and I believe the people of Lackawanna County wanted to keep it that way," said Lackawanna Commissioner Pat O'Malley.

Voters were asked if want to replace the three commissioner form of government and replace it with an executive council form of government. Under that plan, the county would have seven districts with a part-time council member representing the district. The council would be overseen by a full-time county executive.

Supporters say this form of county government provides a better system of checks and balances. They claim it would also lower taxes.

Those who support the current form of government dispute the claim of lower taxes and say it will increase the size of county government.




  • Randy

    Look around the area, what do you see, people are struggling to survive. Sad isn’t it, And we got people in these positions that are being paid top “Dollar”, good insurance benefits, and why not take advantage of the situation at hand, why is it that only one county decided to cut their pays to help their county and their people. People need to check on government wages, prison wages, retirement packages, the concept here is people in these positions are the only control you will have over county and state budgets “people” we have no control over “materials”. Why should we need to secure a loan to off set gov’t budgets, remember this will only raise you taxes later on. People wake up an take action at all the meetings, you input at the lower level will carry upward in time. With 17,000 negative votes, it shows enough evidence that their are problems in the community that need to be resolved. Or maybe gov’t in not working at all.

    • Dave

      Randy, I agree with your points,but I felt there was more of an agenda behind all this… I felt there were things missing like we paid 3 politicians and now we have more people on the pay role..Things like How long was this committee going to be around? What party affiliation are hand picked people going to follow? These things were left up in the air and I for one have had it with BIG money sneaking in the back door and getting their Agendas taken care of while neglecting the majority beliefs …If they educated me more on these things and answered those questions, then maybe they would have gotten a thumbs up

  • Dave

    Only 38,000 Votes!!!! the population was 214,437 according to the 2010 census …. That’s more shameful than the some of the political crooks we placed in jail awhile back ….

  • Bill D

    People are so stupid! What’s harder to corrupt? a majority of 4 or a majority of 2? Unreal!

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