Hiawatha Paddle Boat Ready for Boating Season

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A rainy weekend made for a mess on the Susquehanna River for one boating crew in Lycoming County. They are cleaning up debris and mud, so the Hiawatha paddle wheel river boat can set sail this weekend.

Captain Gary is ready to get the Hiawatha back out on to the Susquehanna, but crews are still cleaning up the muddy mess that washed up on to the banks of the Susquehanna River during recent rain storms.

“We had about three inches of mud covering the parking lot. It took us basically all day yesterday to get the mud cleaned up,” said Todd Wright, Hiawatha management.

The Hiawatha paddle wheel river boat in Williamsport has been touring for 33 years. It’s a replica of the original river boat that ran the waters in the early 1900s.

“It brings a lot of people into town for us, but it also is a great thing for the locals to come out and do,” said Katie Tinney, manager of the Hiawatha.

The crew plans to use the upcoming holiday weekend as the official kick-off to their boating season. The crew says they are back on schedule now that almost all of the debris and mud have been cleaned up.

People are taking notice coming down just to look at the boat.

“To enjoy the river, to enjoy the view and to look at the Hiawatha, because it is a beautiful idea. It’s a beautiful boat,” said Linda Himmelreich.

“I think it’s a great place for people to come and enjoy the beautiful mountains. So I’ve been coming here since I was her age,” said Dawn Naugle.

Naugle’s daughter Marley wanted to see the Hiawatha.

“Because I like being on it,” said Marley.

Dawn plans to take her little one on the boat. She says when the river boat is in the water it’s a sign of the season.

“Oh, summer is finally here,”she said.

The boat will run tours through the holiday weekend and throughout the summer.

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  • fratboy

    Had they built the Hepburn Street dam, just a tad higher would have made for a higher water level for the Hiawatha. Seems there’s always the fear it will run-aground because of low water levels. Late in the summer, those tours are reduced to mini-cruises. Love the paddleboat. It’s a part of Williamsport

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