Election Day Means Sauerkraut

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SAINT CLAIR -- In many communities in our area, it's not an Election Day without going to an Election Day dinner.

In Schuylkill County, that usually involves organizations serving up sauerkraut and pork as a fundraiser.

We stopped by the Saint Clair Lions Club for lunch.

This certainly isn't the pork voters worry about in Washington or Harrisburg. It's the pork and sauerkraut that is a vital part of many voters' Election Day in parts of Schuylkill County.

"I do two things on election day every year. I go vote and I come to the Saint Clair Lions Club for pork and sauerkraut," said Gloria Harley.

"It's not Election Day without pork and sauerkraut!" added Dorothy Pomian.

Certainly not in Saint Clair. The Lions Club has been serving up this German goodness for decades on Election Days and generations of Dorothy Pomian's family have been involved, including her son and granddaughter now.

"My dad was a great lions, it's just really great."

"For Election Day it's definitely a big thing, everybody likes it. Everybody enjoys it," Harry Wentzel said.

"It's fun I love it, I love it," said Brianna Wentzel.

Of course, we couldn't do an Election Day dinner story without giving it a try although they won't give us the secret to make it taste so good.

"We can't reveal them secrets," said Wentzel. "It's good, absolutely!"

This is a fundraiser for the Saint Clair Lions Club just like a lot of organizations carrying on election day food traditions in our area, but here this is the specialty that's served up to make the day complete.

"It's delicious. They do a wonderful job, they work very hard."

Look for more sauerkraut at the Saint Clair Lions on Election Day in November, and New Year's Day.