WWII Veteran Receives France’s Highest Honor

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- A World War Two veteran in Schuylkill County got some major international recognition for his efforts in combat in France.

Angelo “Abe” Barone was awarded France’s Legion of Honor, one of the country’s highest medals.

It was a hero's reception for World War Two veteran Angelo Barone at the Zerbey Airport near Minersville.

The 92-year-old Pottsville native, known as Abe, was being feted by his fellow members of the Pottsville Lions Club for being awarded, France's Legion of Honor, the country's highest distinction.

“I feel very proud and honored even to get the medal, in fact, this is the second medal I got from France,” said Barone. “The first medal I got from France was from fighting in Normandy.”

“He got this award because of his participation of freeing the French government of the German army,” said Bob Wacther, the president of the Pottsville Lions Club.

Abe fought in combat in France in 1944.

He was captured by the Germans and kept as a prisoner of war.

For his heroic efforts, Abe was invited to the French Embassy in Washington D.C. where he was named a chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

“Looking up just what a chevalier is, he is considered a knight in the French government,” said Wacther.

“I was informed that I was a chevalier, and I didn't know what chevalier meant, so one of the club’s member’s wife researched it and says it's a knight of France,” said Barone.

Every year, the Legion of Honor is awarded to U.S veterans who risked their lives defending France during World War Two.

Abe was among only 15 veterans to receive this award this year.


  • Charlie Lucky

    WOW, and it only took France 70 YEARS to give it to him and the others who fought for them. France is a very ungrateful toilet bowl. If it wasn’t for the USA,, the ungrateful FRENCH would be speaking German today. IT’S A TOILET BOWL……..

    • Nathan

      “If it wasn’t for the USA the ungrateful FRENCH would be speaking German today IT’S A TOILET BOWL ”

      It just goes to show how arrogant and uneducated people can be. You talk like you think the U.S. was the only country fighting the Nazi’s. Get some class and visit France before you open your mouth. If Americans educated themselves maybe the rest of the world would take us a little more seriously.

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