Announcement for Coughlin High School

wb school coughlin

WILKES-BARRE — Students are asked to enter Coughlin High School through the annex building and courtyard area starting Monday.

The superintendent stated that the building is safe, but the exterior has been roped off as a precaution pending further inspection.

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  • Gigi

    There are a total of three High Schools in the Wilkes Barre Area, yet they have no money to maintain their structures??
    I cannot understand this. Yet, there is money being laundered and stolen from nearly every County Office in Wilkes Barre. I suggest someone should start looking into why there are so many problems with these schools. No heat. No Air Conditioning, and now, instability in the building’s structure?.
    God Forbid a fire or other Ememergency Occur at the school. How in the world will these children make it out of a school with reduced exits????

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