Adventure Park Opens to Public

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COAL TOWNSHIP -- A new park in Northumberland County is the first of its kind in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

It's for people who want some open space to ride ATVs, side by sides, dirt bikes, Jeeps and Hummers.

On Saturday, All 6500 acres of the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area opened to the public.

The park received a $3 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to get this area up and running.

"It's a county wide project. We see it as a way to revitalize this area of Northumberland County, the lower anthracite region," said Jim Backes, the chairman for the park. "We have some smooth trails, we have some real rocky trails, we have some trails that challenge you to get up on your Jeep, we have what we call challenge trails and we have mud," Backes continued.

"Don't be afraid to get dirty I guess," said Ryan Jones of York.

"Be prepared to have fun. And get a little muddy? Yeah definitely get a little muddy," said Debbie Heim of Schuylkill Haven.

About 200 riders from four states headed to Coal Township for the park's opening day.

"They took us on a guided tour. It was pretty nice. All in all, it was a nice experience," said Jones.

The park will be open on weekends year-round.


    • Tim

      It made $12,000 opening weekend. Not too shabby. That’s probably more than you make in a year.


    I ride at a place called “The Lost Trails” in Dunmore, private 2,000 acre trail park…been around for seven years now.

  • Connie Schrader

    I don’t like the added traffic, or the speeding on 125. I’m not looking forward to our once beautiful mountain covered in trees becoming the next strip mall. If i’d wanted to live near one that’s where I would have purchased my home. We as neighbors to this park are dealing with off road vehicles traveling up and down our highway. When politicians get involved with these adventures that they swear will be for the good of us all, you better stop and think twice! Just look back at the wonderful investments made by our past County Commissioners. This Park has been in the works for more years than anyone will admit to and only a chosen few were made aware of it. The people of the county asked for it to come to a vote by the people and we were ignored as if the question wasn’t even asked. Property owners living next to this park are dealing with rude trespassing people. But…don’t enter property marked AOAA for God’s sake, because you will be arrested and fined!!

    • Jesse

      You’re xenophobic just like most of the people in town who are afraid of change. So building around the park is a bad thing? It will create jobs and revenue for the area. That’s what everyone wanted, now that it is here, everyone is complaining. Make up your mind.

  • Sherry Postupack

    It is not the first around! Rausch Creek Trail Riders has been around for 10 years. They r also located on a coal region in Valley View Pa with 10,000 acres to ride safe on. Also they have been around and started with out state grants! How about giving some credit to small people that had one for years that didnt get state founded!

  • Carol Kalinowski

    Loved the atvs coming down the avenue to Market st. The increased traffic, noise, dirt. It is awesome to see these fun seekers ignore the speed limits on the roads leading up to the park. And to top it all off, the decimation of the land and the destruction of wildlife habitat.

    • Ryan

      Now it’s a safer environment to ride. We don’t have to worry about people shooting guns or setting mattresses while we ride. That land now has a professional club feel to it. It’s great. It’s something to be proud of and a step forward in our community.

      • Kyle Clements

        So you agree with paying extra, on top of the taxes the county collects, to use that land? County residents already pay more than they really should in taxes, and now they will have to pay more if they want to use -public- lands. That isn’t stupid and ridiculous to you?

        You mention the land having a club feel. Well, if you want club quality, go join a club on private property, and leave the public tax payer funded property alone.

      • Ryan

        It’s not on public land, it’s on county land that is now private property. That’s why it is gated. In the long run, this is great for our community. In the future there will be a gas station mini-mart built right across the road which will generate revenue for the community. I’m sure someone will come in and build a Taco Bell or Denny’s nearby as well. A hotel as well is a possibility. AOAA is where I’m going to ride, Kyle. It’s here to stay.

      • Kyle Clements

        And who owns the county lands if not the people who reside in, and summarily comprise the county? This is comparable to charging me, a photographer a fee to take pictures in a PA state park, when a portion of my taxes already helps to fund the park.

        I’ve lived in northumberland county practically my entire life, and I find this appalling. At the very least, if the AOAA is going to charge fees, no more tax payer money should go towards funding the park, and the tax burden on county residents should be decreased. Why should my taxes subsidize a land grab for yuppies like you to ride in.

      • SRV

        Except the original piece on this part said there will be hunting. So I assume that means guns, sans burning mattresses…

    • Neil Wingenroth

      Exactly! Folks have been riding on this strip mining wasteland for years. Now they have to PAY.

  • Ryan

    Did Matt Reidinger and Trudy Persavage set themselves on fire in protest? They were talking tough on their little Facebook page. Two screwballs with nothing better to do with their time.

    • P-

      If only you had some sort of machine where you can type in the name of the place, push a button, and that information would immediately be returned to you.

  • Bc

    Rausch Creek is a privately run off road adventure park in Tremont. I was there on May 17 and it was packed. It’s great to have off road options in PA.

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