Tornado Hits Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN -- The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit Lock Haven on Thursday. It touched down on Race Street around 7 p.m.

It damaged buildings, knocked trees over, and lifted a carport, throwing it about 25 yards.

The tornado was rated an EF0. It reached speeds of 75 mph. No one was hurt.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a homeowner who had his chimney ripped down.

"There was a storm brewing, rain, real hard wind kicked up, all of sudden we hear a great big boom, right here. I went out there, laid my chimney. I talked to my one neighbor. He said he actually witnessed a twister this way," said Pete Dolan.


  • Eric Bailey

    My sisters fiance truck was damaged due to the tree that was ripped apart by a partial funnel cloud or down burst !! The trampoline was also
    picked up and ripped apart . Tree limbs were everywhere. The town of Lock Haven didn’t even help the people out except for throwing the tree branches back onto her property and stated she is to clean up the mess !! . WOW a tree lands on the street and the town don’t help ! But makes the people do there work for them !!! What a messed up Clinton County !!.

  • M Winslow

    Was there an official funnel cloud scene for this ‘event’. That chimney was lined with a stainless pipe meaning the original chimneyust have been bad.any chimneys in Lock Haven need be inspected, many you can see right through them. Just walk the levee. A carport doesn’t even need that hard of wind, its metal parachute.

    • P Dolan

      Just so your information is correct M. Winslow we replaced mortar joints and precast crown cap, repaired flashing, sprayed exterior brick with clear weatherproofing. Installed stainless steel liner all done by a professional. Our chimney was not in bad condition and we would much rather that this “event” did not occur so we do not have to deal with this. You made comments about the carport, are you also aware that it rolled the trailer section of a tractor trailer and rolled a pontoon boat. Did you happen to see the coverage of the wall being blown out of the Piper building?

  • Pam

    I was in my car driving and I heard a warning on the radio – 97.7 Variety…….around 6:30pm…….they said about the storms and potential for a tornado and named MH, LH, Blanchard, etc……..

  • Nicole Henderson

    I live in Lock Haven and we didn’t even have a warning at all about any storms that I remember.

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