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Rescued Horses Ready to be Adopted


LINDEN — A few months ago, Newswatch 16 told you about eight horses that were taken from a farm in Lycoming County for neglect and starvation. On Friday, Newswatch 16 went to the rescue farm they’ve been living on to find out how they have been doing.

Horses seized from a farm near Williamport back in February were in such bad shape that rescue teams didn’t think that some of them would survive. Now, almost four months later they’re all in better health. Some have found new homes, but they are all ready to be adopted.

It was bath day Friday for the horses at Appalachian Horse Help Rescue in Linden. Sonic was getting scrubbed and sprayed so he’ll be ready for the big open house the rescue farm plans to hold this weekend.

“Sonic has filled out nicely. You can’t see any bones any more. He’s not really loving the bath as much,” Janet Nash said.

The first time we met Sonic he wasn’t in the best condition.

“Some of them we didn’t even know if they would make it. They were dehydrated. They were malnourished,” Nash said.

Sonic was one of eight horses that came to the rescue farm back in February. He was seized from a farm near Williamsport for neglect and starvation.

“We are happy to say that of the eight that came through we have two left up for adoption. We have a total of 10 horses here up for adoption,” Nash said.

The six other horses taken from that farm have been adopted. Now only Sonic and Roy are waiting to find their forever homes.

This is the this first time some of these horses have ever had a really good scrub down. Considering their pasts, some of them have been neglected, they can be shy. However, they said that changes over time.

“They don’t know where they’re at. They don’t know why they’re here or what’s expected of them. Then they realized, ‘oh this is a good place.’ People are coming to pay attention to me. I’m getting hay. I’m getting feed,” Corryn Confer said.

Confer works with rescued horses and has watched them become healthier. She said this weekend is a special time for the farm because they get to see all their hard work pay off.

“It’s cool to see them finally transition into a new place and like make that adjustment. Like, okay I’m ready to go on with my life now,” Confer said.

Appalachian Horse Help Rescue continues to make sure the horses are cared for once they leave the farm. You can click here to find out more information about the open house this weekend.


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