UPDATE: Person of Interest Identified in Deadly Hit and Run

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BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP —  The truck involved in the deadly hit and run in Wayne County on Friday has been identified, according to state police.

State police said a white pick-up truck hit and killed Zachary Possemato, 19, from Hancock, New York, on Route 191 near the New York state line around 9 p.m., then took off.

Troopers also said they have a person of interest, however, no one is in custody at this time.

The deadly hit and run is under still investigation and anyone with information about the incident should call state police at (570) 253-7126.


  • Ken Snyder

    Who was the driver in the truck …….the one involved in the deadly hit and run in Wayne County….?

  • Bill D

    ANYONE who hits a person and then flees without checking on their condition is a SCUMBAG! PERIOD! They deserve serious jail time!

  • bill

    I’m sure the driver is reading these comments…lmfao. its a local vehicle, people know who it is. I’ll pretend that I believe the hit and run driver is drinking a coffee while reading these comments…you’re a bad man,Mr pickup driver…lol, idiots.

  • SRV

    What a heartbreak! Accident or not, running away just makes things worse. You need to turn yourself in and own up to what you did!
    Prayers and sympathies to this family. There are no words of comfort for you except he is in a better place than here, but we are selfish and want to keep our loved ones with us. I have a son Zachary’s age. I cannot imagine!

  • AC

    Any body shop garage needs to report ANY white pickup truck coming in with damage in 90 mile radius to the State Police.

    Citizens you would not want your loved one hit and killed then the driver runs off, I call on ALL Citizens in 90 mile radius today and for next week to keep your eyes open for ANY White Truck that has body damage and call the State Police let them examine it.

    This cowardly driver needs to be brought to JUSTICE ! Or the next one he/she hits and kills could be you/me or one of our family friends.

    Everyone be on the lookout for a white pickup truck with any body damage.

    And to you Hit and run driver, may your mind be wracked with guilt and torment and the haunting everyday of your life of what you did till you can’t bare it anymore and turn yourself in !

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