Hole Opens In Scranton Street

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SCRANTON -- A section of Prescott Avenue in Scranton was closed Friday morning after heavy rain washed out part of the road.

DPW workers say a hole cut in the road for a gas line project widened to about four feet wide by four feet deep.

The 400 block of Prescott Avenue in Scranton was closed while the gas company filled the hole.


  • Rayanne Marie

    Citizens should not have to pay for damages to their vehicles if your incompetence is the cause of it!!!!!

    A lot of us are cutting corners just to put food on the table and we have to swerve around manholes and risk running into oncoming traffic to avoid being swallowed up!!!!

    This area is depressed and disgusting

  • C

    How about Penndot fix their roads where our tax money goes to? I just popped my tire up in dicksoncity and had to buy a brand new tire. Sick of driving on your shitty roads.

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