Flooding Hits Part of Mifflinburg

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MIFFLINBURG--Heavy rain pounded parts of our area leaving several counties with flood watches. Most of the rain dried quickly in Mifflinburg, but not on 3rd Street. Many people who live here stood outside their homes and watched the water rise.

"It's hard not to be a gawker," Andrew Taylor said.

Buffalo Creek came out of its banks, flooding some parts of Mifflinburg with up to a foot of water.

"We just got a lot of rain all at once and it just comes up," Dan Boyd said.

Neighbors said when they looked out their windows early in the morning they didn't see much water. As the hours went on, it turned in to this. People who live around here said luckily the water crested around 12:30 in the afternoon.

"It seems like it's going down now," Rose Brininger said.

Neighbors said there does not appear to be any major damage.

"I had concerns about the creek, I didn't think it would ever get high enough to affect us, but as I said, our sub-pump in the basement seems to be working," Taylor said.

Rose Brininger said earlier this week she spent hours planting her garden. Now it is underwater.

"I think it's all gone. It's not there anymore," Brininger said.

Neighbors said Buffalo Creek floods about twice a year, so many of them have flood insurance.

"We pay out the you-know-what for it so if we need it it's there. Haven't needed it yet though so that's good," Boyd said.

Newswatch 16 Chief Meteorologist Tom Clark said Buffalo Creek will continue to recede and there is no longer any threat of heavy rain in Mifflinburg.

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  • Raquel Williams

    Hey WNEP…sorry we missed you but, we were inside, waiting for the water to recede! We live in the “surrounded” house you filmed on 3rd St during your visit to Mifflinburg. Thanks for catching the action.

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