East Stroud North Student Arrested For “Terroristic” Rap Song

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PIKE COUNTY -- A high school student in the Poconos is facing serious felony charges because of a rap song he posted online.

In the song, titled "Columbine," Zyiar Clark, 18, allegedly makes physical threats against his teachers at East Stroudsburg High School North and calls them out by name.

Investigators arrested Zyiar Clark of East Stroudsburg Tuesday, charging him with numerous crimes, including three felony counts of aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

At a movie theater in Marshalls Creek, some fellow North students said the situation was blown out of proportion.

“It's just a song, like the subject matter is a little much, but in the end, it's just a song, and at the end of the song, he said 'I'm just playing,' so a lot of people are outraged,” said Christian Lugo, a junior.

“A lot of people are just angry that something that was a joke could be taken too such extreme, but I mean, you got to be careful what you say. You know how it is,” said sophomore Zachary Simmons.

In the rap song “Columbine,” Clark allegedly calls a teacher by name then follows with these lyrics:

“You remind me of a teddy bear, spraying love everywhere. Good morning students, now there's body parts everywhere.”

Later in the song, he raps, “J.K. (just kidding) I'm just (expletive) with you.

Referencing a military style rifle, he says, “I got an AK and it's coming for you, directly to you Mr. ____,” and then names another teacher.

“He might go to jail and stuff, he might be in serious trouble. People say he didn't do anything wrong, people say it wasn't a threat,” said James Holt, a senior.

As for his status as a student, the superintendent only said that Clark violated the district's Student Code of Conduct. However, the superintendent said officials felt there was no actual threat to safety.

“No, no, not at all, no. He's not going to shoot up the school. No one's scared at all,” agreed Lugo.

Court records show Clark is out of jail on bail.

He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 27 at 9:30 a.m. in Pike County.


  • Danielle Ruckle

    Look up Eminem rap god lyrics or Go to sleep also Eminem. I do not think a rap song should warrant arrest, if so, why aren’t all of the song artist that make albums arrested. What about any of the video games that are so called teaching violence. Parents should be accountable for their childrens upbringing if they do not like it. This country is coming close to tyranny if its not already here. This kid should be released of charges. Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Free speech. How about we throw out the constitution seems like people do not want to stand up for it anymore. I for one believe in my constitutional rights and will stand up for them. Mass numbers of people need to wake up and do the same. PEACE

  • Johnnny cash

    Um aggravated assault for making a song? Yea kind of ridic , its a song , if they were to charge people with songs that are being played today , a majority of rappers would be getting locked up , its just another petty thing for the common wealth of pa to make money off of , and i know first hand cause it happen to me

  • Homuikt

    So this guy made a rap song
    Teacher thought it all wrong

    They don’t like what I say now
    My words gonna slay now

    Wit this pen and paper
    Gonna make you meet your maker

    Wait a minute, wait a minute
    You got me all wrong

    Ain’t gonna hurt no one
    Just writing you a rap song

    Oooooh man, they gonna make me pay
    For the words that I say, in my rap song

    In my rap song, in my rap song
    You people got it all wrong

  • Mike

    When it goes to court, he’ll walk. He has freedom of speech rights. He should have never been arrested. The Authorities in Monroe County should be more concerned with what is going on in the Jr. High schools. Drugs, Sex……………

  • Givemeabreak

    Police can now search our cars without a warrant. You can get charged with multiple felony counts for saying something out of line. You can also have property taken off of you for your comments (Donald Sterling).
    Go and hand over your guns. I am going to get more ammo. The police state is coming.

    • Danielle Ruckle

      Glad to see some common sense here. Police state is already here my friend. The sheep were warned and did not listen.It will be a long struggle to ever get freedoms back in this country. Best of luck in the journey ahead.

  • chris

    I guess we’re guilty until proven innocent and have no 1st amendment. i guess we should watch what we say about government “officials” or we might end up in a gulag.

    • SRV

      “Referencing a military style rifle, he says, “I got an AK and it’s coming for you, directly to you Mr. ____,” and then names another teacher.
      So you wouldn’t mind let’s say if it was your name in that blank, or a family member’s name. You would be ok with it?

  • Just Sayin

    Is this so much different than at the time Gilberton police chief and current North Schuylkill school board member Mark Kessler ranting and cursing and threatening people WHILE ACTUALLY FIRING automatic weapons which he ACTUALLY had access to and posting these videos on youtube? Look it up on YouTube and see if this doesn’t offend you. They removed him as police chief but he still sits on the North Schuylkill School Board as a fine example of their anti-bullying program and acceptable code of conduct for school administration. They said these videos have nothing to do with school policy as it was done on his personal time. Isn’t this a double standard and hypocritical??? Two sets of guidelines one for students and another for administration!!

    • Just Sayin

      And to be more accurate. By removing him as chief of police I mean they paid him a large amount of money to agree to his removal. Why is this kid a terrorist and Mr. Kessler profited from his terroristic threats and nothing was done to him? Not even removed from the School Board where he proudly sits and gets to vote on what is acceptable code of conduct for the students. Again hypocrites!!!

    • mfitzy111

      yep – the anti-gun crowd got all rabid over that chief- so what…has nothing to do with this kid talking smack. …sound more like someone has Hoplophobia.

      • Just Sayin

        He threatened borough council on video and they did nothing. Now they’re looking to hang this kid. Seems that two sets of standards exist here. And I am a lifelong gun owners and find his videos offensive. He gives responsible gun owners a bad name. Basically his message is that if you don’t agree with something grab an automatic weapon and solve it violently!

  • Terrence

    I feel that everyone is missing the big picture.What if this kid was serious and took action?What would have been said then?Its a shame that this happened,officials should read more into it,where were the parents eye…All of them questions would of been to late!!!And to be frank,if things would of took a wrong turn not only would it have affected the personnel mentioned in the song but the students and the parents of the students would have affected as well.safety issues are very important in our country now a days.So much have changed.we can’t determine on who to take serious and how not to take serious these days,better safe then sorry.

    • mfitzy111

      what if …. what if the school wasn’t a gun free zone, and the responsible adults could defend those kids … what if people aren’t evil.. what if mom and dad showed little scooter a little more love, or maybe smacked his behind when he was bad, and what if he learned early that NO means NO..
      .. what if he wasn’t on SSRIs-

      next time you speak up remember you can and will likely be told your opinion violates some policy and the police have already been called —

      no one should ever be brought up on charges for a thought crime- if he was going to carry out some actions and got things together by all means charge him for wrong doing- but until then every one talks-

    • SRV

      Agreed. His FB shows he’s a real class act NOT!
      Kids these days don’t know how good they have it and opportunities are out there if you’re willing to work your way thruitt. They should go on VACA in Somalia and see what life is like there these dopes!

    • Danielle Ruckle

      Please do me a favor and go to Youtube and look up ( Mark Kessler rant). You may find it quite disturbing that he is a school board member for anti bulling. Sorry i do not agree with you on this. Mark Kessler video is a little scary and i would be more concerned with him Please check it out.

  • James booth

    So if he rapped it the day after graduation all is ok. The district attorney should reevaluate. The district could be tied up in a civil suit if a acquitted which he will be. Slippery slope. I would immediately file suit for wrongfully being arrested even before criminal case is resolved. Just to get the wheels in motion. I would also contact a national high profile civil liberties attorney. There will be many that will want to make a mockery out of this as they should.

  • James booth

    This state loves the “terroristic threats” charges of any kind. How embarrassing. Arresting someone for a song. Rofl what clowns

  • shizz

    Im pretty sure there is this thing called freedom of speech where you can say what ever tf you want in this country. Even the teachers said they dont perceive a direct imminent threat from the kid, therefore that rules out both aggravated assaults and the terroristic threats because theres no victim or victim intimidation.

  • Samantha

    That’s just stupid felony charges wen the kid was joking and didn’t visibly say ” I’m gonna hurt you ” to any of them so they don’t have anything against him. The court systems and some of th police around here think they are above the law just because they have those titles . People who live around here see that they break laws and then some like a cop driving down the road talking on his cell phone but hey what can we do were just people that they treat like garbage

  • KatieG

    You should explain that bit about threats being illegal to the cops in Sue’s town where they say otherwise; and the cops in many towns where they refuse to enforce PFA orders until the woman is actually injured or worse.

    • SRV

      I understand where you’re coming from, been there done that, there isn’t much they can do with verbal threats because so many are just in vain until it gets serious. There should be a way like a mediation to determine genine threats from outburtsts of anger, at least there will be a record of it. However, I had come to learn that threats over the phone or put on “paper” is considered a crime. Verbal threats are considered violations. If somone threatened me verbally, then I FB-ed a friend and typed out my retaliation I would prob get in more trouble than the ween who threatened me in the first place; if my friend reported me. Crazy huh?

  • Sue

    This country is going downhill fast when you can get arrested for writing poetry/songs without doing anything physical yet the police say they can’t do anything in a PFA situation because “threats aren’t a crime” .Wake up people!! You are letting your rights be eroded every time you condone arrests like this! Obviously no one wants to actually see another school shooting but there has to be common sense. You might not agree with what is said but you have the right to say it.

    • SRV

      I wouldn’t exactly call what he wrote “poetry,” rather violent threats agains specific persons put into prose!

      “At a movie theater in Marshalls Creek, some fellow North students said the situation was blown out of proportion.” So now fellow students who hate school, their teachers, and ANY form of discipline judge ethics and morals at the bottom line? Yeah, great idea.

      “You remind me of a teddy bear, spraying love everywhere. Good morning students, now there’s body parts everywhere.”
      Later in the song, he raps, “J.K. (just kidding) I’m just (expletive) with you.” Yeah, a real literary genius.

      While many musicians morals and ethics are often questionable, for the most part this kind of violence is not endorsed in the mainstream. I know someone who was in a band who wrote a song about violently killing his girlfriend. The lyrics were excrucatingly graphic. Needless to say he wasn’t allowed around us anymore.

      How do I know what sells? I have an MBA in marketing and just because something is marketable doesn’t always mean you should sell it. The world’s most sucessful bands do not endorse this kind of violence. Sucessfull meaning internationally known over decades..and recognized for the GOOD they do, rather than disgusting lyrics.

      Regardless, this kid has serious poblems, there is nothing funny about what he did.

      • bleh

        I made 120,000 designing market strategies. You should get your money back from where you got your MBA. This sort of stuff doesn’t sell?… TU Pac Vs. Biggie created some of the largest record sales in the 90’s. ICP regularly creates a wealth of money. The truth is violence sells in this country. I really hope prospective employers see this so they can stay clear of you, if you can’t recognize a marketing opportunity you shouldn’t have a job in marketing. Yes his “prose” is that of a high school student, but guess what, he’s in high school. The fact of the matter is he wrong about something in jest, or even if he was serious and he wished bodily harm, since when do we ARREST people for THINKING about bodily harm? This isn’t 1984. Oh wait, you probably never read that book cause your high school and college sucked.

  • mfitzy111

    research SSRI drugs and mass murders- because there is a connection that is ignored by the media. what is going to end up happening at these schools is they are going to look like the entrance to big companies like GM- with revolving gates, requiring ID and armed security at the entrances. back to SSRI’s most of the evil do’ers were on anti- depressants that claim in their own fold out info sheets they can cause suicidal/homicidal tendencies- but hey if your kid won’t behave just give them Ritalin.

    • SRV

      Awesome and intelligent comments mfitzy111

      I have been saying this for years about these psych meds; especially given to children?! Boggles the mind, well, one that is CLEAR enoght to realize the poisen they’re giving our youth with parents consent if not parents pleas. I recall a conversation when speaking with a client who worked for the education system of how I am going to approach my son’s ADHD behavior handed down by his dad’s family because they had tourettes. My son had no tics, and two out of 4 in the family had tics. She said and I quote; “Your son’s teacher will TELL you if he needs meds, then you ask your doctor for the meds.” Well I went off on her! I said no one is going to make these decisions for my child except me! And I will NEVER give him psych meds!

      Do these parents EVEN know that the Ritalin and most other ADHD drugs are stimulents? Like Cocaine and Meth?! Or do they just don’t care? Give the kid some coffee then..Oh no, coffee and chocolate is bad for them..yeah like meth isn’t? I just go wow.

      And I have to wonder about the SSRI’s and their similarity to mind-altering drugs since one of the main activities of SSRI’s is to affect brain chemistry. On the list of a thousand side-effects of the SSRI’s, two scream right out at me…may cause behavioral problems, suicidal thoughts, and depression. Say WHAT?!

      For the most part, I have never personally known these meds to really help anybody with anything as the still have the same problems if not worse as you state these psycho-killers are often on meds already..

      Most times these drugs are not necessary and our kids have to be raised with morals, ethics, and a little commons sense if that’s not too much to ask!

      When I met my spouse and his two sons it was by way of discussing these meds..his kids had tourettes, and the other had aspergers. my spouse has MS. All three of them were on psych meds. It was like living in a psych ward. After but 6 months they were all off the meds and had to confront the men in the mirror. God forbid. At least they weren’t zombies anymore. The one benefits from mild psych drugs because the tourettes casus him great anxiety. I am all for anything that will do more good than harm.

  • mfitzy111

    thought crime- unless this kid acts on anything said it’s just just words- words in bad taste to be frowned upon, but terroristic threats? I’m no fan of rap- being charged with a crime stops dissent, destroys free speech – sounds like these authorities in school don’t have the kids respect, having a student disrespect a teacher should be dealt with in person at a teacher student level- and guess what if that teacher can’t do it face to face maybe he should consider another job field- on the other side of the coin- those teachers aren’t there to correct 16-17 years of bad parenting -that is mom and dad’s job- you want better kids turn off the TV, put down your beer and raise them better…

    • A concerned educator

      He has the right to freedom of speech. He also has the right to deal with the consequences of what he says. Things that people do have consequences, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The things he said, whether joking or not, have consequences. It’s time that he learns a lesson that his parents should have taught him.

      • D.A.V.E.

        I hate hate speech just as much as the next guy but ruling with a iron fist is not teaching. It is THREATENING. Isn’t it?

  • Keith Hinkel

    Thank you all for above comments. They are totally correct. This student is still protected by the !st Amendment! He may have made VERBAL THREATS but certainly not PHYSICAL. These involved in charging this student would have better planned had they read the Constitution and listened to the garbage past Rap language before acting as Gestapo Agents. As I see this this students rights were crushed for just SPEAKING!!

    • mfitzy111

      gang bangers walk by your house much?- I don’t see that problem, do you live in Hazelton? or maybe Berwick-? always in the news about meth, heroin, stabbings and armed robberies …most of the people I know are armed, including myself – and if they said something stupid, first I’d ask them politely to leave. nothing more nothing less- right up the street from a place I rented in Carbondale a guy just got a life for stabbing someone to death- so yeah I’ll say it again I am for 1A and 2A …people can say what ever they want- act on those threats and someone will likely get some extra orifices – people today still have a right to defend themselves and people are going to be evil and crazy all day long…it’s a fact of life no one and legislate evil away from crazy people.

  • xx_pitbull_xx_2007@yahoo.com

    so that means icp eminem 50 cent dr dre ja rule and every otber rap artist out there should have charges filed against them to right not its called entertainment people say thease things in songs to get attention which u are giving this kid u guys just made this kid famous qhich is what he wanted to begin with go fight some real crime make some drug bust catch a murderer or a kiddie toucher but as far as charging this kid for writting a song i really think our police got their priorities a lil out of order

  • Beezybeeeeeeee

    People write and sing gory stuff all the time!! What happened to free speech? Oh wait that was gone with obama and his NSA. If he was serious his friends wouldnt have said yeah its a song and stuck up for him. I hope he fights it all the way.

  • Ridiculous

    I can’t believe that they are actually charging this kid with these felony charges. I completely get that the way things are today you really have to watch what you say and who u say it to. But it’s not like he walked in the school and threatened a teacher, saying this stuff, it was a rap song he created on his own time and was sharing. Especially when he makes sure to put in the song that he was just kidding. I mean what’s next seriously are they going yo try to start charging all these big time rap artists with terroristic threats for the words they say about people sometimes? I mean yeah maybe they could have made him take it down and gave him some sort of punishment, but charging him with a sleu of charging including 3 felonies I think is a little much.

  • Mac Daddy

    If anything he should be sued for plagiarizing not arrested. I’ve pretty much heard the same thing in about a thousand other rap songs. Eminem comes to mind.

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