Double Fleeing Drivers in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Twice Friday morning in less than an hour, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Scranton and the driver took off.

Scranton Police said one of the drivers has already turned herself in. The other has not been found.

A rainy trip home for preschoolers and their parents at John Adams School in Scranton's Pinebrook section turned scary when a woman walking hand in hand with her 4-year-old brother was hit by a pick-up truck turning onto Capouse Avenue.

The 4-year-old suffered a bump on his head. School administrators said the two are expected to be OK.  Scranton Police stayed at the school doing interviews about what happened after the crash.

Police said the driver of the pick-up offered the woman money to not call police. And before police showed up that driver took off toward downtown.

Then, only a few blocks away in that same direction, an unfortunate coincidence.

A woman standing on the corner of Mifflin Avenue and Linden Street was hit by a car making a turn. Police said she was taken to the hospital with a broken hip.

Tanya Hazelton of Scranton saw it happen and said the impact made the woman fly into the air.

"He was going really fast and I sent the car behind me to try and go get his license plate number but he never came back," Hazelton told Newswatch 16.

Police learned not long after that the driver who allegedly hit the woman drove directly to the State Police barracks in Dunmore and turned herself in. That driver, Kathy Galletti of Old Forge, is now facing misdemeanor charges for fleeing the scene.

The pick-up truck driver who took off less than an hour earlier is still on the loose.

Parents who witnessed the crash outside John Adams School did get the pick up truck driver's license plate number. Police have not tracked him down yet.

The truck is a black Ford pick-up with a make shift wooden bed. Anyone with information is asked to call Scranton Police.


  • SRV

    “Parents who witnessed the crash outside John Adams School did get the pick up truck driver’s license plate number. Police have not tracked him down yet.”
    Shouldn’t be that hard with a plate number? Start with his address, no? Place of employment? etc…

  • Bill D

    ANYONE who would hit a child and take off is a scumbag and deserves serious jailtime! All of this after that poor little boy was killed on Christmas in Wilkes Barre??? What is wrong with people?

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