UPDATE: Store Robbed at Least Three Times Within a Month

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UPDATE: WILKES-BARRE -- A man was arrested and charged for the Thursday night Turkey Hill robbery.

Police said they picked Joel Curry, 28, of Hanover Township on Hazle Street.  Officers said he matched the description of the thief.

Upon questioning, officers said the man admitted to the armed robbery.  He was charged and is locked up in Luzerne County jail.

WILKES-BARRE -- Police in Wilkes-Barre said they took someone in for questioning after a robbery at Turkey Hill on Thursday.

According to police, the convenient store at the corner of South Main and Blackman Streets was robbed around 9 p.m.

There is no word on how much money was taken.

So far, police have not made any arrests for the robbery.

The store has been robbed at least three times within the past month.


  • Amanda

    As far as anyone minding their own business, he should have thought about that before robbing the gas station. He admitted to it, I don’t think the police would make that up. He doesn’t seem like he’s a grade A citizen or anything so it seems he is getting what he has had coming to him, and Amy for god-sake PLEASE GO BACK TO FIRST GRADE AND LEARN HOW TO SPELL.

  • christina

    Hmm sounds like this is a clear cut case. However it seems like he is this way because his mommy let him get away with to much as a child and teen and now thinks he can get away with anything,g as for having cocaine on him he will at least go down for that. But if he admitted to robbing Turkey hill he will go to jail and it will be at least 10 to 20 for both.. hmm and if he was meeting this girl that is his girlfriend and his fiance they can actually loom to her as an accomplice once they pin it on him.

  • Kim

    You are absolutely right Tracy and believe me I am not worried I have a great life that does not involve this kind of drama. Now imagine what my daughter would be dealing with had I not chose to make sure ur family was not around her. I feel sorry for your son. He could have had a better life then this. Makes you wonder what led him to seek comfort in cocain and rob gas stations to support the habit<—— I can sat that becasue he admitted to it ^ there in the article.

  • Amber

    He’s a grown boy, he did this to himself. And i didn’t say anything negative or bad Tracey so u can take ur attitude somewhere else and mind your own buisness! Have a great night! ;-)

  • Tracey Curry

    all you people need to mind your own business and take care ofyour own families.He is innocent until proven guilty. Kim worry about your life you are no part of his anymore.

  • Kim

    Maybe this Amy was an accomplice seeing as he has crack cocaine on him and she says he was going to meet her.?

  • Kim

    He did it with the same pocket knife he tries to threaten everyone with. He admitted to it!!!!!! Obv not innocent. Lmao

  • Typical of the area!

    who cares already this story is about 100times a year. COPS CLEAN UP THE STREET! not hard to figure out this crime.

  • amy

    this is his gf n he didnt rob the thill they have the wrong guy he would never admit to that ull c he will b out they have the wrong person he was walkin to meet me n he wasnt evgen around the store he was walkin hazle street to market to meet me

    • MsM

      “Upon questioning, officers said the man admitted to the armed robbery. He was charged and is locked up in Luzerne County jail”

      Sooo, who’s lying? You? The cops? Your boyfriend? The author of this story?

  • Ally Stone

    Turkey Hill is a convenience store chain – of course they are convenient to have around for last minute necessities. Spell check programs do not compensate for poor editing.

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