Sheriff Deputy Charged With DUI, Threats

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SCRANTON -- A Lackawanna County sheriff's deputy turned himself in to authorities Thursday on charges he pulled a gun on someone in a suspected case of road rage.

Deputy William Hyduchak has worked at the Lackawanna County Courthouse for the sheriff's department for nine years. On Thursday afternoon, he answered to criminal charges here.

He's accused of DUI, assault, and making terroristic threats after that alleged road rage incident last month.

William Hyduchak of Olyphant is a Lackawanna County sheriff's deputy and part-time police officer in Olyphant. When Newswatch 16 asked if the handgun Hyduchak allegedly pointed at another driver last month was issued by either of those departments, prosecutors said "no comment."

The other driver told police it startled him when he went up to Hyduchak's truck window at the intersection of Delaware and Grant Streets in Olyphant   on the night of April 6.

According to court papers, the driver said Hyduchak was blocking the intersection, so when he went to see what was the holdup, Hyduchak held up his handgun and pointed it at the driver, told the driver to "have respect," and then drove off.

His coworkers with the Olyphant police department eventually caught up with Hyduchak and arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

"He was driving under the influence of alcohol. It's alleged his blood alcohol level was a .265, I believe," said Lackawanna County A.D.A. Robert Klein.

Prosecutors say since that's more than three times the legal limit, they charged Hyduchak with an aggravated DUI charge, along with assault and making terroristic threats for allegedly pointing his gun at the other driver.

"Well, we don't want to characterize cases or evidence but anytime someone drives under the influence of alcohol and a weapon is involved, it concerns us greatly," Klein added.

Hyduchak was arraigned at the courthouse Thursday.

Lackawanna County Sheriff Mark McAndrew told us he couldn't comment on Hyduchak's status with the department now because it is a personnel issue.

We haven't been able to reach Olyphant's police chief to see what Hyduchak's status is with that department.


  • Joe

    Until you people know the real story please keep the rude comments to yourselves you can just go by what the news said they lie constantly. This guy is a good man and great police officer. He’s a people’s cop and will always listen to both sides of the story and doesn’t profile people like most of these twisted cops in Lackawanna county

  • Chief

    The chief of police you can find at his house,out on disability.The acting chief is punched in in Throop or wait maybe olyphant….

  • Peter

    his department won’t comment…Typical pig will most likely get suspended with pay as usual

    • Chief

      NO BAIL HE IS OUT AFTER POINTING A GUN<SIMPLE ASSALT,M1 Terroristic Threats W/ Int To Terrorize Another..Good Ol Olyphant…

  • Caroline

    He must care too much as I see him out all the time at the Olyphant bars! Still drinking and still driving.

  • Lets Fix Lackawanna

    Billy tell on all those Olyphant police and cut a sweet deal.Lets look at James Romano gets to wait 7 years to face his faith….Don’t worry you won’t be a snitch but a hero in the end……

    • Jenna

      HERO?? You are joking, right? He drove drunk endangering other lives not including his OWN and pointed a GUN at a UNARMED citizen!! OMG you are delusional if you believe he is a “hero” not everyone who puts on that badge is honorable… In fact your comments make me rethink about voting yes for your fix Lackawanna campaign because it sure seems like you are part of the “good ole boys club” the man was WRONG, let him be accountable as anyone else without a badge or political connection!!

      • Lets Fix Lackawanna

        I was trying to get him to tell on his fellow police for there corruption ,he still will be punished but may take 7 years…So vote yes because we dont need scum policing r neighbor hoods.There is no chief in Olyphant because of r council allowed that he be placed on disblity.After the Midvalley school Did the family Disney Trip…..

  • MsM

    Wow, an absolute outrage! He should not serve in law enforcement after this. Would an average citizen be able to become a cop after this crime?

  • Charlie Lucky

    UN EFFING BELIEVABLE !!!! Part time cop, but full time sheriff’s deputy?? Wow, beautiful, just effing beautiful. It is going to take alot to fix this county, alot. This fish stinks from the tail to the head !!!

    • E

      Fix this county! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa! This county, this region is right where it should be, a decaying sh**hole being overrun by minority street gangs and meth addicts. I could name a few hundred names of vile scum responsible to make you feel better. LOL. What is the new catch phrase? “Lackawanna county leading innovation” too bad most residents don’t even know the definition of the word innovation! LOL. An area like this creates people like him and that will never, ever change. Pick your cliche, his dad beat him and he thinks that gives him an excuse to abuse people, last picked at sports, blah blah blah. I’ve met hundreds like him around here, sure there are plenty more. Fix this county. Pfft. Only the locals think it’s worth fixing, everybody else is just waiting for it to die.

  • Missy

    Maybe we should wait a decade or so for a trial. You know, until we work out pension considerations first.

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