Lawmakers Troubled By Police Chase Data

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NESQUEHONING -- Some state lawmakers found statistics we showed on Newswatch 16 regarding police chases in Pennsylvania alarming.

State police continue to investigate a deadly wreck earlier this week in Nesquehoning involving a police officer who lost control of his cruiser with lights and sirens on.

Troopers won't say if it was a chase.

We found numbers showing Pennsylvania saw around 1,500 police pursuits.

More than 500 of them ended in crashes.

In 14 of them people were killed, mostly the person being pursued.

"As you look across the Commonwealth, 1,500 chases, 14 deaths, that's a serious issue that's something we need to have a conversation whether or not legislation is needed in addition to policies right now," said state senator John Yudichak, (D) 14th District.

"Perhaps there's something we can look at in the legislature that would at least provide some remedy and better help them," said State representative Tarah Toohil/(R) 116th District.

If this crash is determined to be a police chase, it will need to be reported to the state.

In Pennsylvania, each department has its own policy for pursuits.


  • The silent voice

    Because of one officer’s poor judgment and tragic accident you bash all police. You people should be ashamed of yourselves you have no idea! They go above and beyond to protect you and save your life and through it all they are putting their lives in danger and at risk to protect the lives of others that they don’t even know, and this is how you talk about them.

    I can tell you this I could never do their job, for what they do and what they have to go through trying to protect, and all they get is bashed, why? Because of those very few officers that do make poor decisions.

    Just because you may get arrested or get a ticket doesn’t make them a bad cop, it’s their job and you’re the one who broke the law and it is their job to enforce the laws when broken.

    Their families and loved ones see these comments and how do you think they feel. Their husband, wife, daughter, or son go to work to protect and risk their life for you and they may never see them again if they die in the line of duty trying to help, and they see unappreciated you are.

    It was one officer people not all officers just ONE, realize that!

    • Charlie Lucky

      Silent Voice says, Just because you may get arrested or get a ticket doesn’t make them a bad cop, it’s their job and you’re the one who broke the law and it is their job to enforce the laws when broken.
      You would change your mind/opinion very quickly if it was your family in the other car. Also, why no bail,drug test, or alcohol test, and the 911 tapes, where are they? Here comes the wash! Watch them get washed away. Bully with a badge, that feels he can do whatever he wants to, every cop feels they are above the law/rules. They don’t have to follow them, just enforce them, AND THAT IS THE SAD TRUTH. OUR JUDGES TOO, this county is a mess with corruption and backroom deals, very very sad.

  • E

    There is a simple answer. Most Pennsylvania cops are incompetent. Aside from state police of course, cops are generally uneducated failed high school athletes whom cannot find a better job anywhere else. Most are drunks with agression problems and a massive inferiority complex, so do not expect things to change in the least because this is Pennsylvania.

  • The silent voice

    It was a poor decision on the young officers part. I’m not sure what his pursuit policy reads but he should have used better judgement and not reached speeds so fast in which to a degree he lost control of his police cruiser.

    It took lives of others, gave a bad taste in the publics mouth, and makes other officers look bad.

  • Randy

    I know one thing, he should have been fired, He failed to Negotiate a curve and wreck a cruiser, that alone should be automatic. Lets face it, any other job would have fire you for destroying company property, other wise taking a life to boot. People need to start speaking out and start sending their town certified letters of the things that are not right, a letter hangs around for a long time, Only certain important issues are kept on file.

  • jim

    You want to legislate what should be common sense? There is I am sure training being a cop is more then some people can handle. Reevaluate through the department, and take community complaints more seriously

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