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GM Announces New Recall of 2.7 Million Vehicles

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NEW YORK — General Motors announced a massive new recall Thursday to fix a variety of problems, including a wiring flaw that it says caused at least 13 accidents, two injuries and no deaths.

Most of the cars recalled Thursday were older models built before the company’s 2009 bankruptcy, as was the case with the automaker’s controversial ignition switch recall earlier this year.

The bulk of the latest recall applies to 2.4 million cars recalled for the wiring problem. That includes the 2004-2012 Chevrolet Malibu, 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, 2005-2010 Pontiac G6 and 2007-2010 Saturn Auras.

The wiring problem could cause the brake lamps to fail, either failing to illuminate when the brakes are applied, or lighting up when the brakes are not engaged, the company said. Additionally, cruise control, traction control, electronic stability control and panic braking assist operation could be disabled.

The company has received hundreds of complaints about the wiring problem, and issued a service bulletin to dealerships 2008 about the flaw. But it never ordered a recall.

GM said it is taking a $200 million charge for the cost of the repairs it will have to make. It had already taken a $1.3 billion charge for the earlier recalls which essentially wiped out its profit for the first quarter.


  • Lisa

    I must say its just not GM. A few years ago it was Toyotas. I personally have bought a brand new Kia Borrego. At 8,000 miles the transmission went in it. It was on backorder for over a month. When I got it back still didn’t drive right. Couldn’t wait to get rid of that thing. I now have a GMC Acadia. Love it.

  • Chad Taylor

    So poorly designed and produced electrical components made very cheaply in Mexico are failing? As a auto tech, I have been watching this since 2007. Unfused major ignition circuits, glued on roof panels for a 600 hp Corvette that comes loose at high speeds, wheel bearings crushed by cheap aluminium knuckles that corrode. I don’t have the slightest idea what makes a rational human being walk into a GM dealership.

  • marian j

    Did u all read the letter or about it at all? It’s bc of people having too much weight on the keyrings causing the keys to move due to the weight of all the Crap on there causing key drag. Wow just wow

  • Dave

    My 2007 chevy avalanche brake light sensor is also not working correctly which is causing my cruise control not to work !


    Come on. We have a 1997 Chevy Blazer that just stopped working about 2 years ago…who are they kidding. The problems goes back even further than 2006

  • Sara

    I own a 2008 chevy cobalt. When the ignition recall first came out they didn’t include my car in it. A month or so later it changed to it was. I’m sure more cars will be effected by this. I am currently driving a rental through GM and have been for over a month. I have a newborn and a 6 year old and I am petrified to put my children in that vehicle even after it being “fixed” so I decided id sell it. Come to find out no dealership wants the car because it has no value now!! So a vehicle I just paid 10,000 for less than 2 years ago is now considered junk. I contacted GM about this through email and SHOCKING I have yet to hear from them. That’s what I get for being a loyal customer. We are just statistics to them nothing but numbers on a board. Sorry but I’m not taking the risk of my children being injured in these now classified as ” death traps” of cars gm makes.

  • Michele L Kiser

    My sons car is a 2009 Chevy Impala, same problem ,sensors, traction control light, engine light, engine has reduced power, I’ve also read that others who experience that issue, their cars lose power steering and automatically shut off, in the middle of the highway with vehicles going 60+mph….But yet, GM won’t recall those. they knew of the problems, every time it was in the dealership or called about, they can’t “duplicate” the issue, and thus the warranty is now up and it’s scary to drive it. My Saturn doesn’t start now, all of a sudden it just quit, and the dealership won’t pay for the tow, because they say they don’t know if it is the ignition switch or not..duh. I had no problems other than my key not going to off position before, dash lights up, radio works, so battery ad alternator are fine, It isn’t the starter, had no indications of that going, as they usually have a slow start and grind before they completely kick the bucket, and also hit it and no start. I quit buying Fords because of their terrible emissions problems, and now I will never own another GM product. I will go back to Dodge or start going against my principals and buy foreign.

    • Bill D

      My wife and i had the same issue with a 2001 Impala, now we own a 2008, this one the trans acts as if it is not in gear then grabs really hard. The dealer says the same thing, we can;t duplicate the problem so we can’t fixit, we have had it to hesser’s 10 times at least!

  • Sherri Aurand

    I’ve been having issues with my 2008 Saturn Vue. Some for sensor made my anti lock brakes and anti skid/awd to not work. Decreased my power on a snow covered road, with no anti skid/awd, which is the reason I purchased to begin with. Left me in quite a predicament. Now my sons G5 with the ignition switch. Seriously GM??? The darn things arent even worth the $ I paid for them now. Owe more than worth, so many issues with the Saturn and I cant trade because of being upside down. Ugh!! Im buying foreign next. Lol!!

  • mdog

    Once upon a time things were made to last
    and earning your dollar meant something to the seller.
    Now everything costs 30 times what it should
    and nothing is made to last once it leaves the showroom/store.
    Stock holders are more important than the consumer.

  • Martie

    there’s a recall on my chevy cobalt concerning the ignition problem. The letter I got from GM says it might take a few months for the new part to be available and in the meantime I should make sure to wear my seatbelt, as if that will save me from being slammed into if my car suddenly stops in the middle of traffic! I’m afraid to have my grandchildren in the car!

    • Brian A

      If you’re part of the recall and have a letter, they should be able to get you a rental car on paid for by GM. My wide did

      • Lynn

        Where did your wife get a loaner? Everyplace I call says they aren’t doing that. And they tell me they don’t need to replace the parts until I call them with information off the letter I received. I don’t have any information on the letter except that its under recall. I’ve tried 3 dealers who won’t give me a rental and don’t have any parts to replace the ignition as of yet.

  • Tammy

    What about the stupid “oil pressure low, stop engine” sensor? Any idea how annoying it is to constantly listen to that beeping noise? Can’t tell me I’m the only one with the issue because the sensor is on back order from the manufacturer. If there are so many needing it, why is there not a recall on it? 2007 impala ss

    • Melanie

      We have the same problem with our 2008 Impala. (I don’t see Impala on the list, though!) Many other sensor problems as well- tire pressure sensor, traction, ABS- our check engine light is constantly on.

    • Mare O'Malley Ruddy

      Like to see a diagram of what happens when these Cobalts. I saw lights flashing on symbols I have ever seen before. Want to see the instrument panel and what changes happen there.

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