Ertle’s Turtle Missing In Monroe County

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BARTONSVILLE -- Someone stole a 250-pound turtle statue from the front of the Comfort Inn hotel along Route 611 in Bartonsville, according to a report from state police.

Just off Route 611 in Bartonsville sits a pack of turtles. Comfort Inn owner Steve Ertle says they just were the perfect addition outside his hotel in the Poconos.

"We brought them in. Our family name has always been mistaken with turtles. We've always been Ertle turtles and what's neat is the street is now named Turtle Walk Lane," said Ertle.

There are 41 in this pack of iron back turtles, ranging from 250 to 600 pounds.

Evelyn Stanislawzcyk of New Jersey enjoys seeing them when she comes into town.

"I just love those turtles. I think they're the cutest thing."

But in the past week or so, two of these guys went missing from Turtle Walk Lane.

"We got an anonymous call from a concerned neighbor that one of our turtles had escaped. So Dave, who's one of our turtle care takers, and I went up and rescued one of our turtles."

But one is still missing, the one that should sit right here along the roadway

And Ertle says he just wants his turtle back home.

Ertle's pretty worried about some of his other turtles being taken or migrating down Turtle Walk Lane, so he's taking some extra precautions to keep an eye on them.

"Unfortunately we do have to put up some signs that say they're protected by surveillance cameras. We put our cameras on them, make sure none of them get away."

Ertle says, for the most part, these guys have stayed put, but after two turtles have taken off this month, he's not taking any chances.

Some are even secured with chains.

And for whoever may have taken the 250 pound turtle?

"Bring the turtle back, because the other turtles miss him."

Of course, Ertle says he would provide a reward to anyone who brings his turtle back: a celebratory drink at his hotel bar.

If you have information about the whereabouts of Ertle's turtle, call state police.