“Death Row Delays”, A Special Assignment Report

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Pennsylvania has 191 inmates sitting on death row, and it's been 15 years since the last execution.  Brittany Boyer looks at why the death penalty is rarely enforced. She meets with families who are still waiting for justice. Newswatch 16 also received a new jailhouse message from George Banks.  The burdens of death row delays, a special assignment report.  Today on Newswatch 16 at 5:00 P.M.


  • tom

    Ask anyone-99% of PA reidents want all these idiots executed.Those dumb lawmakers in harrisburg are supposed to be our employees.If I don’t do what my employer wants-i’m fired.Why don’t they do their job?What the stupid holdup?

    • E

      How about mass executions? Ex: Behead one with the rest of the inmates watching in horror until it’s their turn.

  • tom

    Tax money wasted with room & board & paying for lawyers for these people-death sentence should be exactly what it states.”Death sentence.”

  • CJ

    Anyone convicted and sentenced to death should have NO MORE than 90 days in which to file any/all appeals. Once that 90 days is up, carry out their sentence. It would save a lot of taxpayer money.

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