Two Arrested After Bank Robbery

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EAST SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — Two people are locked up after a bank robbery in Bradford County on Thursday.

State police said Chaz Talada, 18, of Columbia Cross Roads walked into Citizens and Northern Bank (CNB) on Main Street in East Smithfield Township around 1 p.m., showed a gun, and demanded money.

Troopers said Zachary Etka, 23, of Virginia was waiting in a green Subaru outside the bank. The pair left in the vehicle.

The Subaru was later spotted by authorities. Talada and Etka were arrested.

There are both locked up on $400,000 bail.


  • domari nolo

    maybe if money was real. END THE FED RESERVE. visit and read the creature from jeykll island…by g.edward griffin…wake up the day is near

  • jasper

    Lets keep it on this story you racist. I believe both these scumbags are white and have papers to work and choose robbery instead. Maybe if our society as a whole wasn’t so lazy illegal immigrants wouldn’t be able to find work……

  • michelle

    DOUG… Where do you live? I see this everywhere… There are illegals working and getting paid under the table so no it is not documented. Most people that come here from a different country live tax free and pay no taxes for 7 years then transfer it to a family member also living tax free. You make it sound like our government themselves are not corrupt. Reality check for Doug please…

  • local_gal

    @Doug, are you living in a bubble? I am not a conspiracy nut however, we all know there are way to many employers hiring illegals. It’s cheap labor and if they don’t want to know they don’t investigate. Feds aren’t doing their jobs very well. This has nothing to do with the guys thinking they’d make an easy buck.

    I have to agree with Shawnsmom on one point, our government is selling us out by sending jobs outside the US. I’d rather pay a little more and keep the jobs here in the US where they belong.

  • teribury

    Way 2 be a man and try to rob a bank Chaz. Ur a bum and Etka is a bum loser who thinks he can rap but can’t even think straight. Both morons who deserve to sit in prison for a long while. Good luck coming up wit the $400,000 to get ur sorry can out.

  • tolerance

    God bless to all the people who actually understand what hard core drugs can do to an impressionable youth,and thumb downed the haters…this kid was led astray by the allure of hard drugs,bad choices and now has to pay.but no the haters do not care his 70 year old grand mother cries constantly,his poor mother the pain she is going through.i pray to god none of you judgmental morons have to go through what this family has to but if and when you do…you get what you deserve.

    • lightson

      I wish more people would have compassion for others. This is tragic. I don’t know these two young men but often children are raised without the proper life skills, support and opportunities that they need to be successful adults. In my experience those that are so judgemental have had a more blessed upbringing. They should be grateful they don’t understand. My heart breaks when I see stories like these. I don’t know if drugs were involved, but no one chooses addiction. As a society we should do so much more for our youth.

  • ShawnsMom

    Chaz Talada was hired by an environmental company that cleans out the frac gel from the gas well sites. He even passed his drug test. On the day he was supposed to start he could not afford to buy the protective clothing needed to work on the well sites and the company does not supply them to their employees. Give the guy a break, he was at least trying to earn an honest living. Just today in Troy PA, 2 illegals who could not speak English were doing a money transfer to Mexico with a wad of cash the size of my fist. Does anybody see something wrong here?

    • local_gal

      Let me see if I’ve got this right…he tried to get a job but couldn’t afford the required protective clothing, so he hits a bank and we are supposed to give him a break? I understand quite well being without 2 nickles to rub together and how destitute one can become but…robbing a bank with a weapon no less??? What boggles my brain is that these guys thought they’d actually pull it off. Did they not consider the consequences? Their lives are now ruined. This is a felony…not something they will be able to hide no matter where they go. Young people do make stupid mistakes, this one is a biggy and it will follow them forever.

      • ShawnsMom

        American youth has no future because the corporate elite sell our country out to foreign interests and bring in illegals who don’t mind earning $20 a day tax free so they can send it home to Mexico where that money is worth $2,000.00. That is where the dreams of our youth in this country are destroyed. Remember, while the illegals are flowing into the country and our politicians are being paid off to let it happen, they are also bringing the drugs and immorality that help destroy these two young men and others just like them. Conspiring to protect illegals in this country is also a felony but unfortunately those who make and uphold the law have been bought and sold. How many politicians have you seen charged with this crime of conspiring to protect illegals? Now that our society has been de-moralized and bankrupted you will see this happen more and more every day. Just remember any of us could be the victim of the next crime because of our government. These guys are not the problem, but just a symptom of the cause.

    • Elkanah

      Why didn’t he just sell the gun? Less time less crime and could have easily got 300 bucks for it.

  • MsM

    Looks like thumbs down wins with three cheers for drug addicted criminals. Whatzupwidatt?
    It will be over soon…wrong never wins.

  • MsM

    So disturbing their eyes so hollow and vacant…prob drugs…the guy on the left looks like he’s been in the news before.

    • ShawnsMom

      I would like to see what you would look like if you just recently turned 18, made a stupid mistake, and ended up in federal prison. Looks like you may need to think a bit before you open your mouth the next time. It’s called a reality check.

      • Doug

        Yes, robbing a bank and stopping at a public gas station 15 miles away in a well patrolled area is a stupid mistake. And your incoherent rambling about corporate elite and illegal immigrants somehow earning money tax free? What kind of a conspiracy nut are you? Anybody who works in this country has to be documented.

        Anybody who earns a paycheck is registered and verified, and is definitely taxed. Taxed income that supplies your welfare no doubt.

        The amount of stupid and crazy in your post is aggravating. But to quote you, “Just remember any of us could be the victim of the next crime because of our government.”

        Just to clarify, you’re implying the government makes stupid kids rob banks, and anyone of us could suddenly become brainwashed and incoherent and commit crimes due to government secret activites. Am i understanding what you’re saying correctly?

      • MWM

        First of all, been there done that so I DO KNOW! And conspiracy nutballs like you are NEVER a solution to a problem whilst sitting on your duffs talking smack and doing nothing. When we do drugs; WE do the drug! No one pinches our nose shut and forces it down our throats! We recently went thru hell with 4 family members who took advantage of us, stolen from us, and threatened us. I would just as soon shoot them if they laid a finger on me or mine. You can try to help them, but if they don’t want to help themselves it’s not gonna go away; ever.
        And thank you Doug for your back-up!
        People like you shawnsmom making excuses will not help the addict get clean; you are clearly an enabler. These two are young enough that they have a good shot at cleaning up but it will take discipline and hard work and the acceptance of social norms which are clearly lacking in many households in NEPA valley.

      • MWM

        And robbing a bank is hardly a “mistake.” Like they didn’t know you aren’t supposed to rob a bank? Especially the 23 yr old. But if I am correct, we teach our kids it’s not ok to steal! Not that it is ok to steal because the government is corrupt, inept, whatever…I come from a city that has plenty of immigrants and no they don’t get all the jobs, but are happy to take the ones that guys like these two feel they are above.

  • Ted

    Bubba is gonna have so much fun with them up at the big house.
    I hope they give the prisoners there a big jar o vasoline…lol

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