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Woman Sentenced For Theft From Resort

woodlands theft

WILKES-BARRE — A woman was sentenced to six months house arrest for stealing from the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Luzerne County.

Christine Skorodensky of Plains Township was sentenced Thursday.

In March, she pleaded guilty to stealing $53,000 from the resort near Wilkes-Barre when she worked there.

In addition to house arrest, Skorodensky was ordered to continue paying restitution.


  • jessnoless

    I have to laugh at these close minded comments. First of all if any of you are able to READ, she had high credit card debt, not a gambling problem. The judge imposed to stay away from casinos as previous judges did in similar circumstances. Everyone always thinks , oh it’s the Casino’s fault. I am in no way condoning what she did but I think before rude and nasty comments are made, each of us should look in our own closets, none of us know what we will be faced with one day. Oh, and BTW there is really only one judge that counts in the end………….

  • jellystoneranger

    The logical next question would be ” If I walked into a bank and demanded 53 thousand dollars to be placed in a bag , without a firearm , received the money and walked out with it . Would I be getting 6 months house arrest ? I think not ! How about she receives 12 to 24 months in the big house . Get out and have 5 years probation and pay full restitution first before you pull the slots again ! This is a felony amount of stealing ! Not a misdemeanor offense ! A bunch of incompetent Judges . By the way . Get yourself a new Bluetooth device for your ear . You can afford it !

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