Turkey Hill Robbed for Second Time in Six Days

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DICKSON CITY -- The owner of a mini mart in Lackawanna County is dealing with the second robbery in less than a week.

Police said Turkey Hill Minit Mart on Main Street in Dickson City was knocked off around 1:30 Wednesday morning.

Officers said a man with a gun took some cash and ran off.

The same store in Lackawanna County was held up last Thursday. Officers are looking at surveillance tapes to see if the two crimes are related.


  • ugh..

    Why does everyone always say its a “junkie” who robbed the place? It could have been a pos who gets his kicks from doing stuff like this! Also working at turkey hill could be an alright job depending on the area. Yes any place has the chance of getting robbed but the risk is lower in a better area. I’m not by any means saying that drug addicts dont rob places and do bad things but its not always an addict. Addicts aren’t always scum, good people get put in bad situations like that as well. Was it their choice to start using? Yes but its not always that cut and dry. I do feel bad for the people who want to get help but can’t.

  • Rebecca

    I vote for installing trap doors in front of the cash registers. Someone sticks a gun or knife in your face, push a button on the cash register, and boom – let them drop about 15 feet into a pit. Close the trap door, call the police, and have them fished out and jailed.

    Enough already.

  • Nelson Emerson

    I’ve seen a lot of ‘Bullet Proof’ glass type cages for workers down south, I don’t know why but it seems to me Turkey Hill seems very relaxed when it comes to store security. Down here in Schnecksville a young girl was gunned down by a crack addict working at a Hess station. Two weeks later they had a security window up and running. These lowlife scum are very unstable. No need to put a hard working person’s life on the line. Turkey Hill needs to step up for it’s employees before we hear about one of them getting gunned down just for crack.

  • Leo

    Bullet Proof Cage for Cashiers ! Back in Williamsport in the early 1980′s some nice young girl around 20 had a guy walk in the Uni-Mart a block from the Police Department and he gunned her down with a .357 Magnum ending her young life ! God Bless her soul ! That was just horrible ! A young girl prob making $3 an hour back then with her whole life ahead of her ! Snuffed out by a piece of dirt who should of got the Electric Chair !

  • Leo

    It is usually ALWAYS some Heroin Addict having a fit cause he needs Heroin, so he robs someone to get his fix !

    Throw these scum in a dark cell and let them DRY OUT ! I am sick of the scum of society ruining everyones safety ! And I don’t wanna hear their drag about a rough upbringing, Daddy was off in Jail – THEY Chose to get hooked on Drugs, that makes them crave so bad they rob stores and threaten good folks everywhere !

    • MsM

      I agree 110%! I said the very same thing on another thread about the heroin problem in Hazleton and got thrown under a bus probably by friends and family of the junkies of which we speak. Even tho we knew first hand of what assisting friends and family are like when addicted to this stuff and got royally screwed for it. I am done.
      We already got the prisons there, just set up a section for the junkies and have the drug counselors work it from there because these outpatient clinics are to few, free, and cushy for these zombies. They don’t have enough facilities anyway out there to dry these people out and why pay tax dollars twice?

  • deborahrmorgan

    Can you imagine the stress of working in one of those places, the constant fear of being robbed? That cant be healthly…..stress kills. So if you dont eventualy get shot you die of a heart attack….yep we all want that job for sure.

    • mdog

      Yes as a parent my young adult “kid” worked one store for a couple yrs.
      something needs to be done yesterday to protect the innocent employee.

      • Leo

        I have BEGGED my Kids to NEVER take a Cashier Job at a Mart, tey are sitting ducks for a knife or bullet from some low life unemployed crack addict scum !

  • deborahrmorgan

    That is a high risk low pay job……those places beed to have bullet proof glass cubicals to work from…..its called the exploitation of the american worker. And thats it. I have no idea why osha is not doing sonething about this s#@t.

    • Leo

      I agree 100% – Bullet Proof Cage for Cashier ! Back in WIlliamsport in the early 1980’s some nice young girl around 20 had a guy walk in the Uni-Mart a block from the Police Department and he gunned her down with a .357 Magnum ending her young life ! God Bless her soul ! That was just horrible ! A young girl prob making $3 an hour back then with her whole life ahead of her !

      • MsM

        So sad that young lady lost her life for what? So corporate can VaCa in the Bahamas? Stupid junkies! Better they pull a judas than shoot someone for no reason take your flippin’ money and go! Losers!

  • Me

    These stores should be allowed to hire armed guards or have one appointed to each place or something.

    • MsM

      The higher ups willl never relinquish their limos and blahniks to pay for that any more than they would pay thier wokers better to make their paycheck worth the risk, altho no job outside of law enforcement or military should one be expected to risk your life especially in a flippin’ mini-mart! People who work in places like this that are frequently robbed should strike or do a walk-out or protest or something! But then they don’t get paid and the manager gets stuck and it’s not like the key holders get paid ALL that much either! Customers can publicaly declare they refuse to shop at these places until something is done about it! Undercover cops parked in the dark might go a long way!
      My son is turning 18 this year and these types of stores are on the list of where he ISN’T working!

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