Mother Denies Child Endangerment

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CANTON -- Two women who live in Canton are accused of child endangerment.

According to court papers, Jessica Lewis and her fiance Ashley Wicker left Lewis' five-year-old son alone in a room for three days. State police also said there was a smell of urine and feces in the room.

Lewis said that's because her son has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD.

"I guess there was feces smeared on the wall, that'd be from him, that's a regular thing," said Lewis.

The mother of the young child said he was not locked in his room for three days. She also said that his room is nice and clean now.

Troopers found the boy naked and alone in the room on the evening of April 20.

Since then, the little boy has been in foster-care.

Lewis said she sees him twice a week, but he hasn't been regularly taking his ADHD medication.

"Children and youth kept him off his medication for about two weeks until he started to get really aggressive at his last foster parent who was pregnant, and then they decided they wanted to get the medication from me. I tried to tell them, but no one wanted to listen to me. I'm just his mother, I don't know anything," said Lewis.

Lewis said she and Wicker were both sent a summons by mail a few days after the five year old was put in foster-care.

"Yeah, it's quite an emotional roller coaster, but I'm not one to let it affect me as much as it should, so I'm trying to just stay positive about it all, and I know I didn't do anything wrong. "

Lewis and Wicker are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 28.


  • breelee

    i am the former bff of lewis of 12 years for the last 2 years we have had a distant frienship due to the fact we live a hr or so.apart from eachother facebook is our normal comunication style these days anywho when i had met jessica years ago we became bffs and went to high school together jessicas family soon became more like my second family and their home was like my own they were nice ppl house was a normal wear and tear kind of mess except jessicas bedroom she always had piles or garbage dirty clothes dirty dishes scattered throughout her bedroom mostly on the floor she was never a very clean person when it came to her bedroom as the years had past jessica was never the good friend to me as i was to her she had gotten pregnant when she was just shy of 18 with bryce her baby dad was a joke and had gotten locked up her mom was incareracted around the same time when lewis gave birth to bryce her dad and her brother really didnt see her much or help .. jessica wasnt prepared for what motherhood brings you that young as her bestfriend i felt that i had to step in and help her raise bryce from age birth to age 1 me witinessing lewis neglect bryce and sometimes abuse him the not being hygenic and keeping up with the daily chores life brings you continued after lewis became a mother with bryce dirty dishes dirty diapers everywhere never washed bryces clothes that entire year that i witinessed never bathed him would leave his diapers on untill the inside asorbant stuff would moosh up and come out of the diapers i remember seeing bryce with a very bad diaper rash his skin had bubbled up she would not make him a freah bottle untill every sip of the old formula bottles were gone she recieved cash assitance back then and food stamps and wic she would buy cartons of ciggerates and weed constanstly and would go to her grandparents store in bodines pa and illeagally have her mom and dad swipe her foodstamp card to give her cash back lewis was in and out of a few relationships when bryce was born up untill her second child was concieved me being her bestfriend to me it seemed like she cared more about herself and guys thzen her child back then bryce didnt a crib only a older style pack andplay no dresser no toys if so very few jessica just had given bryce the love and noursement a child deserves jessica and i had gotten in a fight over the summer of 2008-2009 when i had witinessed all of this stuf with bryce she was my bff but i had called children youth on her and told them what i witnessed and they had took the called as a joke and had made avisit to to see jessica but she lied her way out and had cleane her house spotless children youth dropped the case jessica had numerous calls made to. children youth and still nothing was done bryce soon after a little after age one was taken out of lewis care and home for a few short months was put in a friends care and lewis was still able to get visitation bryce developed adhd and some behavioral issues come with it its not any childs fault bryce that i know has always been a loving sweet child he clearly started actint out like all children do when they dont get enough love effection and attention when jessica had her second child josh it was all about him never the both of her kids and i dont blame bryce for having a potty issue jessica clearly nevee had the patent to train him to use the bathroom its not ok for any parent to not have acare in the world and act fake and lie on camera and say its a normal thing for your child to poop and pee everywhere and yoy to let it all over the childs room on top of not putting him in a pullup it breaks my heart that he was found bar naked on a tile floor like really that kind of behavior can kill a child! & im ashamed to say thisgirl was my bff! so qjat if u have to washhis laundry more or spemd a extra few on pull ups ! like you should be ashamed of yourself jessica! your child shpuld come firat andhisneeds i believe jessica did something clearly we all know that i believe she put him in time out punishment in his bedroom to i believe it was 3 days straight without coming out of hisbedroom no do i believe it was for 3 days on and off certain times a day yes jessica was never a good parent or friend but ashley it shocks me to see her lie on jessicas behalf bc ashley that i kniw was always a good friend girlfriend and parent she helped jessicas witg a place ro.stay feed er kids and put clothes on their backs i think jessica should get jail time and never have her kids back in her caee and i believe ashley shouldnt get full punsihment like lewisbut should get something bc she witinessed it happening to bryce and or josh and left it happen. the court date was continued please someone do something give that child the justice he deserves and home with loving caring ppl that he needs.

    • breelee

      its clear she lied in the video its a shame though her family cares more about defending lewis than their nephew and grandson. someone needs to stand up do their job and help bryce she is a unfit mother and children youth in our area should be ashamed of them selves getting that many calls abt bryce and they doing nothing but letting bryce back in lewis care.

  • Jessica L

    I need to be in a jail. I’m a terrible parent and don’t take responsibility for my actions. I am twisted. I need help.

  • no name

    maybe someone should know how it is with some kids that have adhd and how cys is there a joke

  • tom

    I don’t understans this story-they interviewed the mother on the news like this was normal finding the child in such a state.They spoke so nicely to her.This broad should get an oscar for her performance.Where was the newswatch16 wolves-they weren’t clawing at her.

  • Carol

    “Yeah, it’s quite an emotional roller coaster, but I’m not one to let it affect me as much as it should….”. That’s great that you didn’t let s©&t on the wall affect you as much as it should….. But how exactly do you not allow your child being taken from you affect you AS MUCH AS IT SHOULD? And btw, it’s wonderful that the room is “nice and clean now”. Big pat on the back. Next, you can try keeping it clean and sanitary while the child is actually there, like the treaty of us mothers do

  • Alumaxium

    I usta pick my duaghter up at this very same apartment yrs ago, #62. i would drive 125 miles 1 way and back home on fridays and do the trip again on sundays to take her home. done this for almost 10 yrs, i called them 500 mile weekends cuase thats how far i have drove in 3 days time. never asked a dime for gas or made up any bs stories to not get my weekend visitations. i know a lot of abuse went on in that apartment back then and my ex’s sister had another apartment right around the corner with her 3 or 4 kids. my duaghter was sexually abused in the canton area and when we reported it , it got swepted under the rug as the mother said it was all takin care of. CnY are useless and they make the rules up as they go. and this lewis lady, i usta party with her brothers back 20 yrs ago and the whole family basically lived like pigs about 1 block north of the bank across from the phone company building. and i knew them well and this is no suprize to me. i am so glad i left that destitute town many yrs ago and found good making money further south near harrisburg. life is great since leaving that pithole of a town.

    • tom

      Why are you people having kids?you said he did goood on med.-he wasn’t getting it anymore-this is still a goofy doesn’t make sense.

  • Josh

    What is wrong with the person who decided to air this story? I thought your philosophy was normally to throw the accused under the bus? Now that it involves child endangerment the parents are saints. I feel bad for the child. An investigation was done and I was determined that the child would be safer out of the home. The point of Children and Youth is to reunite families. I understand that this mother is frustrated but airing out her personal issues on tv is not just ignorant but selfish on your part. Please stop takin sides and report the news. There are programs out therefor children like this. I have worked with three year olds with ADHD before very successfully. Shame on you WNEP!

  • Unknown

    I know the family personally and he was not locked in his room for 3 days. The child has had a lot of behavior issue and they have tried to get help for him and no one would do anything till te child reached a certain age. The medication was helping the child out he was doing better. And when he wasn’t in the medication he would do things like go to the bathroom an play in it. Lewis and wicker are good parents the child always had clean clothes, food on the table, and love.

  • MsM

    “Lewis said she sees him twice a week, but he hasn’t been regularly taking his ADHD medication.”

    That stuff is bad for ya!

    “Children and youth kept him off his medication for about two weeks until he started to get really aggressive at his last foster parent who was pregnant, and then they decided they wanted to get the medication from me. I tried to tell them, but no one wanted to listen to me. I’m just his mother, I don’t know anything,” said Lewis.”

    No, you don’t know anything becase you locked your kid in a room for days. Two, he prob got aggressive becase he was going thru withdrawal. Yes, kids can go thru withdrawal if the meds are as addictive as street drugs and ADHD drugs are largly stimulents so perhaps he was withdrawing from speed?

    Maybe someone should re-think these meds?

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