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Man Apologizes After Attempted Kidnapping Charge

KINGSTON — A homeless man who has served time for robbery is again accused of a crime after an attack on a woman in Luzerne County.

It happened last week along the levee in Kingston.

Police say Jarrett Bidding was sitting on a bench on the levee on Friday evening when he attacked a woman as she walked by.

It turns out he was living in the woods behind the levee here and after he was arraigned, he spoke with us and apologized for what he did.

The levee in Kingston is usually a quiet spot filled mostly with runners, bikers, and dog walkers.

But it turned violent on Friday when police say Jarrett Bidding attacked a woman who was walking along the levee around 6 p. m.

Bidding spoke with Newswatch 16 after his arraignment at a magistrate’s office in Kingston.

“What was it about this woman that you felt the need to attack her?”

“It was… there was no reason. It was just a person,” Bidding said.

Police say Bidding attacked the woman from behind, covered her nose and mouth, dragged her down the levee, and told her he needed her money.

According to court papers, he cut her with a knife and threatened to kill her.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone, and I hope she can forgive me one day,” said Bidding.

People who use the area for exercise say they’re surprised to know homeless people were living around there.

“My grandchildren and I, when I come walking with them occasionally, they go down there and play and they never said they saw anybody down there,” said Jim Ceccoli of Plains Township.

Bidding is charged with attempted kidnapping, robbery, and assault. He’s currently on probation in Georgia for a robbery there.

Both of Bidding’s parents are locked up in Pennsylvania state prison for the 2005 beating death of a man in Edwardsville.

Bidding admitted to Newswatch 16 he needs help.

“I have mental problems, and I never got the proper help in prison.”

Police say this attack was unusual because it was out in the open. They believe Bidding had been living in the woods for several months.

And another unusual thing about this is after his arraignment, Bidding told police he wanted to come out and speak with the media.


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