Old Church Now Home to History

FOREST CITY — A longtime church in part of Susquehanna County is in the midst of a transformation to something new.

Well, not quite new But something historic.

Peggy Brager has been busy putting things in their new home at the former United Methodist Church in Forest City. Not just things, but reminders of a time gone by, pieces of the community’s rich history.

“We had no home, we only met in the Elegante restaurant backroom,” said Brager.

Brager is talking about the Forest City Area Historical Society which now has a place for all of its memorabilia and keepsakes, photos and so much more.

The church was for sale after a decline in membership forced it to close.

“Eventually we were fortunate enough that they donated this church to the historical society,” said Brager.

The old Methodist church is a piece of history itself in the borough. It’s the oldest building in the borough still, after churches have been torn down over the years, the church is still standing and with a new purpose.

“I think it’s a beautiful building, one of the first buildings in Forest City, I think it should be preserved,” said local author Tammy Mal.

The historical society plans to hold events such as talks and presentations that will give future generations a lesson in Forest City’s past.

“It will be headquarters where by people can come and see where forefathers, grandparents and the like how they lived in Forest City,” said John Kameen with the historical society.

The historical society will hold its grand opening Memorial Day weekend as Forest City gets ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

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