“Fractivist” Crashes Gubernatorial Debate

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PHILADELPHIA -- The four Democrats running for the party's nomination for governor met Monday night in their last debate before next Tuesday's primary election.

Candidates Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, Allyson Schwartz, and Tom Wolf took part in the debate.

At one point, the debate was interrupted by an anti-fracking protester.

A Tweet by @marcellus_SWPA identifies the woman as Liz Arnold

The debate, called the Final Faceoff, was hosted by Drexel University and the Philadelphia Democratic Party and moderated by Larry Kane.

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  • Hope and Change LOL

    I’d like to go to these people’s houses and see all the products they use on a daily basis that are a result of employing the very industries they protest. I know it likely wouldn’t change their minds, so it would be for my own amusement.

  • Dave

    I just found out that not only have gas companies been polluting aquifers, but so have other industries. Over here in Williamsport, Textron Lycoming polluted the city’s well field. The area is a superfund site and no one is warning the public.

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