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This Dog Was Blinded By Shotgun Pellets, He Still Wags His Tail

BUSHKILL — A reward is now being offered in the Poconos to try to help find who’s responsible for shooting a pit bull.

The 14-month-old dog, named King, is recovering at home, but he’s now blind.

The pit bull’s owners say they still can’t believe someone shot their dog with bird shot last week in Bushkill.

King’s owners say the dog got loose while they were at work.

The 14-month-old pit bull still has bird shot all over his face, ears, and body, but he still wags his tail.

Lexi Lamont says this is how King was found last week after he got loose.

“I immediately started bawling my eyes out. I didn’t know how to take it. King is my child and I would do anything for the dog,” said Lamont.

Pocono Veterinary Services in Scotrun says the pit bull was brought in Wednesday night and X-rays revealed just how badly King was hurt. All the bird shot bruised and blinded him. Vets say he was also sprayed with mace.

“Sadly, it’s not shocking because this is the third gunshot wound we’ve seen with dogs and it makes you sad,” said Pocono Veterinary Services Dr. Nancy Gruber.

Vets say the shotgun pellets will stay in for now; it would cause the dog more pain to remove them.

King’s owners hope their dog will gain back some of his sight, but they know it’s not likely.

“He runs into a lot of things, and knowing my dog so well, I think he gets very frustrated with the fact that he cannot see sometimes,” said Lamont.

Although King’s owners know they can’t change what their dog has been through, they are extremely thankful for everyone helping them through this difficult time.

King’s vet says they’ve received thousands of dollars to help pay for King’s care.

“Never, never expected something like that, never. It’s just been so overwhelming, there’s so many good people out there,” said Pocono Veterinary Services Vet Technician Alicia Kaisen.

King’s doctors hope other pet owners learn from this story, while police look for who’s responsible for shooting the dog.

“Make sure your animal is secured because unfortunately sometimes you are protecting the world from your pet, but sometimes you are protecting your pet from the world,” said Dr. Gruber.

“I wish he could talk so he could talk so he could tell us what happened and who it was,” said Lamont.

King’s doctors say Pennsylvania SPCA is offering a $2,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to the person who shot King.

If you have information, call PSPCA’s anti-cruelty hotline toll free at 1-866-601-SPCA.


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