Some Schools in the Poconos Closed Wednesday Due to Safety Concerns
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

People Enjoy Summer-Like Temperatures

With temperatures close to 90 today in parts of Central Pennsylvania, many people chose to spend the day outside.

Wally Whitmer of Vicksburg says gardening is a passion of his. He spent part of his afternoon watering his plants at the Lewisburg Community Garden.

“Make sure they take root and enjoy the weather. Might have a thunderstorm later but I can’t take that chance. Gotta get some water on them,” Whitmer said.

It was a hot one in Lewisburg with summer-like temperatures throughout the day. People took advantage of the nice weather and spent the day outside.

“Really starting to warm up a bit and get out and appreciate the weather,” Whitmer said.

Perhaps the people who like this summer-like weather the most is the little kids.

“The slides and the roof. The roof is over there! And the duckies? Uh huh,” Brady Mason said.

Four-year-old Brady Mason and his friends slid down every slide at the Lewisburg Area Recreation Park, while their moms enjoyed the sunshine and kept a close eye on their boys.

“Looks like they’re having a good time. Yes they are! And they get all sweaty and tired and they go home and crash,” Dana Wirnsberger said.

Just a few feet away at the skate-park, Tyler George and Kelby Lindsey of Berwick roller bladed. The two practiced their tricks while enjoying the heat.

“Just trying to get some exercise, some sun, just having fun i guess,” George said.

The skaters say they want to get as much time in at the park while they can before possible showers later this week.

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