Neighbors Fed Up with Blasts at Quarry

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People who live near a quarry in Wayne County said they've been putting up with blasting there for too long.

They claim the explosions frighten them and cause damage to their homes.

Middle Creek Quarry overlooks Hawley. Two companies operate there.

Just last week, there was a blast and a big cloud of dust after it went off.

Monday there was no blasting.

Dump trucks are in and out of the quarry all day long.

It is where, at least a couple of times per week, crews have to blow apart the rock and the explosion is felt all over Hawley. On Keystone Street, just below the quarry, Ellen Hunt and her daughters said it's taken its toll.

"It's scary, it scares you each time, it's loud," said Hunt. "It's more like having an earthquake every day, each day."

"It shakes the whole building, it's loud. I look out to see the dust going up," said her daughter Jolene.

"I have two cracks in the ceiling, one in the kitchen and one by the bathroom," added another daughter, Pam.

Not only is it the blasting taking place over the last several years in the Hawley area that's a problem, folks point to the way it looks there. As people drive through town on Route 6, that is what they see.

"They kind of demolished the mountain, it doesn't look too pretty like it used to," said Pam Hunt.

The two companies working at Middle Creek Quarry, Leeward and Cabel Associates claim they take all the measures required by regulators to make sure the blasts don't do harm.

But neighbor Lee Benjamin insists it's not enough to prevent damage and an overall concern that the quarry is taking away from a once-quiet place to call home.

"You feel it, rattle the house, the windows. It can scare the snot right out of you," said Benjamin.

The PA Department of Environmental Protection has received numerous complaints about the quarry but no damage has been linked to the blasting at the quarry, according to a spokesperson.

Monday, a judge in Wayne County ruled in a legal dispute between those two companies operating in the quarry.

One claimed the other was trespassing and should stop operating. The judge denied that request and so both companies will keep working and blasting in the quarry.


  • Tom

    So let me get this right. People are mad that these companies are conducting business on their own land, without breaking any laws?

    Hmm. Sounds like a legitimate gripe to me.

  • rip

    These trucks destroy our roads, then the same company’s that destroy our roads get the contracts for the work to repair them at our expense. Weight limits not obeyed, even though clearly posted. Speeding heavy trucks. No enforcement. Dust, Diesel smells, uncovered loads. Jake Brakes used in neighborhoods. No enforcement. D O T, State Police, Local Police and Townships are all culpable in lacking enforcement of these of these violations.

  • lefty

    If leeward comes to your town it will never be right again. They dont care about anything but they almighty dollar

    • Barry

      Leeward and Linde are both owned by a man named Linde. He is the real owner of both although two sons operate the companies separately.

  • Fed-up

    We have Leeward doing a gas line install here in Duryea for the gas company and they are terrible. Dirty, long traffic issues and ignorant people. Simply in it for the dollars….

  • semore

    Leeward is the company hired to pave Rt 6 in Milford during the day just recently. 16 should have done a story on why the state would contract Leeward to do this project during the day and not at night. At least 90% of that area is businesses that were affected by that stupid decision. And talk about a traffic nightmare!

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